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    Dymondwood, your thoughts about the product.

    As it was explained to me, Diamond did find a replacement for Dymondwood, Dymalux, but they discontinued that as well about a year ago. I am one of the last recipients of a Diamond table with Dymalux rails.
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    PPV-34th Annual Music City Open 9 Ball Championships January 12-16, 2022

    1. Shane Wolford 2. John Hennesey 3. Sergio Rivas
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    2020 Home Pool Table Sales

    When I ordered my Diamond table last December it was a 4 month backorder. It was ready when promised, in April.
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    Gorst vs Bergman

    I have been watching this match since the beginning and I can only see one weakness in Fedor's game (I say weakness only in that it is not up to the level of the rest of his game, which is other-worldly), and that is, oddly, one-rail kicks. He has failed to make legal contact on several that I...
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    Why tournament blue?

    Trying to find a 9-foot table in a public room in Utah is tough. I heard that the University of Utah Student Union had a couple so I checked it out. Unfortunately, their school colors are red and white. I lasted about 20 minutes before my eyes begged for mercy. Almost as bad as the old, and...
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    Michigan vs Ohio

    I don't know if these are the best players from each state, but they are definitely the slowest players from each state.
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    For Sale: 2 Brunswick Specator Chairs

    A pair of Brunswick spectator chairs lightly used in a home room. Pick up only in northwest suburbs of Chicago by February 1st. $900 PM me and I'll text photos.
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    What is This?

    My daughter ran across this at an antique shop and is thinking about putting it in their game room but she wants to know what it is first and what the rules are for playing.
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    New Cue

    Test pics of new cue.
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    South West Cue FS at Windy City Show

    My friend who is bringing his Gus Szamboti cue to the show is also bring this pre-dated South West. These are the only pictures he has and he does not know for sure if the dark wood is ebony. You'll have to check it out at the show. Butt weighs 16.37 ounces, both shafts weigh 3.66 ounces and are...
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    Gus Szamboti For Sale at the Windy City Show

    A friend who lurks but doesn’t post on AZB will be bringing this Gus Szamboti to the Windy City Show. PM me for his cell number if you are interested in meeting him there. Cue is 58 inches, butt 16.3 ounces, 4.0 ounce 13 mm shaft and 4.2 ounce 12.9 mm shaft. LOA from Barry. $11,500 Bob
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    Cues FS at the Chicago Show: Barry Szamboti, Ebony Franklin SW, Scruggs

    Here are the cues I’ll be bringing to the Windy City show on Saturday. Barry Szamboti with ivory joint & butt cap, 19.25 oz, 58” $13,500 Ebony on ebony Jerry Franklin era South West with all rings, 3 shafts, 4-piece South West joint protectors. 58”, butt 16.3 oz., shafts #1 & #2 are 3.6 oz...
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    GS Test 2

    Gus Szamboti Cue
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    GS Test

    Gus Szamboti Test
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    Tony Crosby Contact Information

    Looking for current contact information for Tony Crosby. Thanks. bob c