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    Saw a legend last Saturday *** Mike Massey

    8 bank Billiards in Grand Junction is closed and appears to be for good as they are taking things out by the truckload.
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    Straight Pool High Run

    The thing that impresses me Was Willie Mosconi was only o0n that 4 by 8 table because they were the only Brunswick tables in that pool hall. His contract said he had to play on Brunswick tables only. Screw these johhny come latelys playing on home table, no referree and sleeping in their own...
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    Shane Van Boening's World Record

    I once wont 137 straight games on a 4 by 8 table against Blind Joey Wilson in Knocko's poolroom on Liberty Heights Avenuein Baltimore in the late 1950's. I only stopped then because Joey's guide dog bit me.
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    Saw a legend last Saturday *** Mike Massey

    I live in a one horse town, Grand Junction Colorado. I have since apologized to the horse. Last Saturday at about 12:30 pm went to bet a horse in OTB , which is located in Bank 8 Billiards. This day saw a sign $20 to see Mike Massey and/or play all day for $20. Only saw 2 couples in twenties who...