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    Wanted: 3/8 x 10 Mali

    Looking for a 3/8 x 10 pin Mali. Prefer a lower end late 80s - early 90s with linen wrap. Bit of nostalgia for me. Thanks
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    Avid shafts/cues from Cuetec?

    Posted a similar question a couple days ago here Didn't get much response, but someone posted a link to this review on youtube:
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    Cuetec Avid - Anyone have any experience with these yet?

    Thanks. That is helpful. I asked Cuetec how the points were made via their FB. No response yet. Would prefer a 3/8 x 10, so may go with a Schmelke instead.
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    Cuetec Avid - Anyone have any experience with these yet?

    The new Cuetec Avid series of cues look pretty nice for a lower-end production cue. I know some people have strong feelings about Cuetec. I was never a fan of their design nor did I care for the "glass-bonded" concept. However, the uptake of CF shafts has softened my position a little bit. Not...
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    Need help finding the right cue

    Hi Superf. I am in a similar situation. I used to play quite a bit in my late teens/early 20s and have restarted after a 20+ year hiatus. Once COVID hit, I had my home table re-clothed and really started working on my game. Spoiler: I still suck, but slightly less. I also have a couple tight...