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    BHQ Butterfly

    Picked up my BHQ butterfly from Brent this week. Pics are posted here: As usual, the pics don't do it justice. Brent did a great job with fit and finish. He delivered ahead of schedule, and was fun to work with on the design. (Hard to...
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    Cue culture of yesteryear

    Today a newcomer to the game can quickly learn about cuemakers from around the country, and easily find a first-rate player from a production company or a custom shop. Come to this site, or go to another pool site, or search Ebay, or Google "pool cues." It won't be long before the names are as...
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    Unsolicited Testimonial for SlateHumper

    Anyone needing table work in the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky area -- Dave Cothran dba Evolution Billiard Services aka SlateHumber did a great job for me. Nice guy, reliable, and stands by his work. (Has a hard time keeping track of his cell phone, but that's another story.)
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    Cincinnati Mechanic to replace Simonis?

    I have a 9ft Diamond Pro with Simonis 860, 3 years old. Cloth is still playable, but has a few pin-holes, shiny at the rack area, etc. Thinking about replacing the cloth before yearend and would appreciate a PM or post from a Cincinnati-area mechanic quoting rates, lead time.
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    Home Billiard Rooms

    We added a two car garage to our home several years ago. The architect designed the room above the garage for a 9 ft table. He dropped the floor down a few inches and added dormers with windows. A couple Pics attached, I hope.
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    Confessions of a lurker

    The recent post by JoeyA encouraging membership and participation got me thinking about my career as a lurker. I lurked for two years before joining, and rarely post. Why? I think these are the main reasons: 1. I?m not good enough to give advice. 2. I don?t play in a league, so I can?t...