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    My japanese style home pool room

    Very nice
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    How do you go about suing a cue builder? Just want to get my cue back.

    Has a retired Sheriff's Deputy, do not file a police report. Technically it's not a theft. It's a civil matter. File in small claims court of that state. Have the cue maker served, and proceed from there.
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    Common mistakes a lot of average players make.

    I hate bank the 8.
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    Downtown pool rooms.

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    Balls that jump on to the rail and roll back on to the table

    Thank you. I tried to find the rule, but couldn't. Had this happen to me playing a 9 ball league match. I questioned it but told not scratch.
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    Balls that jump on to the rail and roll back on to the table

    I think you are wrong. Please tell me where you come up with the rule.
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    Digicue Blue

    Does anyone know where I can pick up a Digicue Blue. Emailed OB cues. Was told they didn't have any, nor did they have parts
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    Would This Cue Flaw Bother You?

    Take a glass bottle and rub over the dent. That should take the dent out.
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    Cloth 860 vs 920?

    Was the table at a bar. I believe 920 is in bars.
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    Best Pool Balls?

    The best are the balls pocketed. I think Airmith.
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    Anyone else think the inter state ivory ban is dumb?

    Ivory should be banned. Fake Ivory is great. I believe wood farrel are great also.
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    Serious question about today's cues.

    I have played for a lot years. I play with a McDermott cue. I use a G -Core shaft, which has carbon fiber at the in of the shaft. I have been thinking of buying a McDermott Defy CF shaft, but I can't find any reviews on the shaft. Would anyone out have one, or, know anyone who uses a Defy...
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    Womens Fashion and Pool

    Where is this pool hall?