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    9ft Diamond Pro Am with Diamond Light and cart verbal Texas

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    9ft Diamond Pro Am with Diamond Light and cart verbal Texas

    Looking for an offer on my diamond pro am 9ft red diamond with diamond wood rails. It comes with a 9ft diamond light and the cart necessary to move it!!! Serious offers please PM me. I am in Killeen Texas. Sent from my SCH-I535 using Tapatalk
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    Optical illusions in a pool hall versus home room

    So any home table owners ever noticed that when you play on the same table in a pool hall, the table looks bigger? My table is in a 2 car garage and I notice this problem. It's almost like the table seems bigger in a much bigger room. I know it's a subconscious optical illusion so I don't let...
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    JD cue repair, this guy is awesome

    I don't post much anymore, but I felt this should be shared. Joel Dadivas is a quality cue builder especially for the price, I think most know this already. Well I had a cue of his from 2011 that just never felt right. Turned out the cue was damaged on the inside, and I never knew. With some...
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    Great video showing a prime example of the "wheels coming off"

    My title is not meant to be disrespectful to anyone. I just feel I can relate to Beau Runningen in playing amazing one moment then watching it fall apart in the same set. This is a great video that shows how one mistake can shift the momentum and have you clawing to get it back. Beau plays...
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    Dufferin needing a stripping and refinish

    I'm looking for a cue maker that can strip and refinish and old dufferin I have. I wouldn't mind having a nice linen wrap added too. Is anyone interested?
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    Need a table cover, just talk your wife into making one!

    So I was looking to buy a new table cover for my diamond pro am. Saw some online that looked ok and Diamond doesn't advertise their price for their table cover. I bought my wife a nice sewing machine about 2 months ago and she said she would make one. At first we were going to go with ripstop...
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    Ever skunked a while tournament?

    So I played at a local bar table 9 ball tournament and won big. It was race to 3 double elimination with 24 players. I skunked the whole tournament including a couple of good local players. I consider it a pretty decent achievement because it is nine ball and a short race too. My final score was...
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    taking the chin off the cue (mini story)

    Weird thread title right? Well I bought the Darren Appelton Perfect Practice and I have to say it is a great investment. Better than the SVB videos (except for his breaking vid). One of the subjects he talks about when doing the straight back draw shots (stroke builders) is making sure that...
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    Camper instead of Hotel room for distant tournaments

    So I have been thing of getting a small camper and taking that to tournaments for my sleeping arrangements. That being said I don't think I can setup a camper in the shopping center parking lot of most pool halls. Does anyone actually do this? Just wondering what the pros and cons might be that...
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    Ran a 69 today

    THE LINK IS WORKING NOW!!! Bill Marop needs an official police badge and busted me for posting a bad run. So it's only a 49, I am checking the 64 to see if I rushed the editing on that video as well. Click for 69 Ball Run 5 July 14 Got down to quick on the last shot. Was debating on drawing...
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    A couple of 40s for your critique

    Well I haven't posted in awhile, but I am still playing. Got my camera up and got a couple of videos for you guys. My high run is a 54 now and I am trying to play patterns better. Hoping to get a bigger run on camera soon. I definitely got the straight pool fever. Everyday I am watching videos...
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    JD 4 pointer and a real nice McDermott for sale

    Selling two great cues here. 1st is a Joel Davides cue 4 pointer with two shafts that I payed to have turned down from 13mm to 12.5mm including joint protectors. Also I had some Kumuai medium tips put on and it has nice leather wrap. It is in like new condition and was never my main player so...
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    Things to bring to a pool tournament

    I am leaving for a tournament that is 3 hours away soon. I was trying my best not to forget anything I might need while there. The tournament will last 3 days. This got me thinking if someone had started a thread about this and I didnt find one. If you were going to a pool tournament for 3...
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    looking for a 60" cue that doesnt cost an arm and a leg

    I got a great Paul Allers cue and love it. Thanks for the interest.