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    Joss cues - could you consider them more custom or production

    I owned 2 black boar cues back in 90's and I say the joss cues hit just as well
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    Diamond Pro-Am or Rasson Victory II

    Make that 2 of us. My father always said that if he wanted me to East, he would tell me to go West
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    Dallas West

    I attended the same tournament, got his autograph and chatted with him for a couple of minutes. Pleasant guy and yes his patterns were second to none.
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    Joss cues - could you consider them more custom or production

    I have talked to him and yes he is very pleasant and yes has some stories about alot of the veterans like Grady Mathews and guys from that era.
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    Joss cues - could you consider them more custom or production

    I have 5 Joss cues and love them all they are all standard shaft with 12.5 mm. They all hit the same with weight just below 19 oz. I dont think you can go wrong with anything from Joss
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    SIMONIS 860 cloth cleaner

    Thanks for all the help. Sounds like vacuum and damp cloth is the best
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    SIMONIS 860 cloth cleaner

    Can anyone suggest the best cloth cleaner for removing chalk dust. I really dont like to vacuum as I think it stretches the cloth. Has anyone used the Mcdermott cleaner
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    Kevin Varney Cues.

    My goodness another know it all about everyone and everything. The only thing I fly are cars ON THE TRACK
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    Kevin Varney Cues.

    Take a valium, no one died except him
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    Why are pool balls round?

    Interesting I would think the square balls would skid more.
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    Gold Simonis recover.

    Recovered table today in gold simonis 860. Had expresso, just tired of the dark chalk on everything. I think the silvercup tan chalk will be less trouble. As far as I know thats the best match. Any suggestions?
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    If anyone is using mako medium tips would like your feedback. Currently using lepro on the joss shafts, I find they are ok but a bit hard. A friend recommended the mako but he is 1000 miles away so I cant take his cue for a test run
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    What is the best pool table?

    I have owned 5 tables in my 74 years and all were Brunswick, so thats all I know. Never had an issue with any of them.
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    Time for a cloth change, anyone have simonis 860 goid? Do you like it, any comments would be appreciated