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    Old Elite cue

    Dick Coons Lincoln Nebraska?
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    Sold Store your cues safely

    PM sent
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    Re-Dye Leather Grip

    My one time relying a leather wrap, tape well to protect cue finish. I then used Fiebings Deglazer for the wrap. I then used Fiebings leather dye. worked very well for me and 5 years later still looks great. But tape well, that can’t be said enough. Charlie D
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    re : Jerry -R-

    What he said x2. Charlie D
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    Another who made it

    Thank You all for your input, Charlie D
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    Another who made it

    No logo, I think palmer pm-4, but joint collar throws me off.(silver nickle?) The furrle is yellowish, and came in a Adam tube case Thanks Charlie D PS cue is 57 inch
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    Test test test
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    Test 1,2,3,4,5, yes
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    Let's Post Some Joss West Cues

    Joss West A couple of mine, Charlie D
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    try it

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    done test twice
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    Vintage business cards

    , Tim Scruggs when he was a Manager at Joss, and a few of older ones