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    keilwood for suckers

    I am mainly having a bit of fun, though it would be an epic twist of irony if you had actually bought a CF shaft from him and that's why it was not LD for the both of you.
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    Does Schmelke "surgical pin" fit Uni-Loc brand radial shaft?

    I have a set of Schmelke sneakies for house cues and each one rolls straight. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    keilwood for suckers

    Was it from whammo57?
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    Are the best pool players also the most intelligent?

    I would say that being really intelligent (how we choose to define intelligence also really matters) does help in terms of efficiency in getting to the top, but being determined enough to put in the time necessary to get to the upper echelon of pool players trumps intelligence by far. You can...
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    What Cue Specs do you prefer?

    Tip Size: 12.5mm or less Taper: Pro with at least 12" Weight: ~19oz (rather be less than more) Joint: Something that feels wood-to-wood Tip: Soft to medium Balance: Neutral to slightly forward
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    keilwood for suckers

    Didn't you hear? He makes custom cues and his own CF shafts. Why would science matter? /S
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    Top 10 Reasons for Missing … and How to Prevent It

    Yes, there are always multiple reasons that are more realistic that can cause a pro to miss a shot, starting with the most common; their focus dipped even just slightly in that fraction of time. Pros are mere mortals just like the rest of us and will make mistakes too.
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    Top 10 Reasons for Missing … and How to Prevent It

    One of the biggest contributors to me missing early on was bad aiming and mainly caused by not properly lining up my shot when standing up and trying to aim after getting down on the ball. For the misses on crucial shots, it was pressure causing a lack of proper focus.
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    Refinishing a Scruggs

    Proficient Billiards all day any day. Scot is a magician.
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    The Octopus by Black Boar

    This is an amazing looking cue! One day, I will own one of Tony's cues.
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    Top 10 Reasons to Use an Open Bridge

    A glove should always be recommended no matter what. Without a glove, the shaft gets dirty and sticky from natural body oils and thus introduces more variable to your stroke. If you can avoid that for something that costs $20, why wouldn't you?
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    best cue you ever had or still have ???

    Just let it go, not worth it imo and only serves to derail the thread.
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    Common mistakes a lot of average players make.

    I agree. A big part of winning in 8 ball (and rotation) is recognizing when you can run out and when you need to try and plan out a run to setup a safety play.
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    Common mistakes a lot of average players make.

    Some additional ones I recalled watching a buddy play... Focusing too much about where the CB should/would go Standing up right after shooting to try and follow the shot Thinking that hitting hard makes you more accurate Not chalking after every shot (unless you use Taom chalk :cool:)
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    best cue you ever had or still have ???

    Wow... the last couple of pages have really derailed this thread into "ignore" territory. Also, after getting my Mezz back from Proficient Billiards, I have re-confirmed that my best personal cue to date is STILL the Mezz cue with an Ignite shaft.