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    getting ready for the ICCS

    Updated photos of cue delivered in vegas!! Hey Bob, here is a preview for you. All the white is ivory. The barbells are made of copper,brass,copper. When the finish is on they really pop. Looking forward to the show. The owner gave me permission to show the whole setup on the public...
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    Home from the SBE.

    I wanted to give a shoutout to all the people at the expo. I had a good time and alot of laughs. I really appreciate all of the support of the collectors and players who purchased cues. I am already looking forward to next years show. I have set some high goals for myself for next year. I cannot...
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    Only 2 hours left, Rare South West Cue

    Hello everyone. There are only 2 hours to go for a one of a kind South West Cue. Dont miss out on a great cue for a great cause!
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    5th fundraiser cue up! South West Cues custom. Here is the link to the 5th cue in the breast cancer fundraiser. It is a customized South West Cue.
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    4Th fundraiser cue up for sale! BHQ!!!!!

    Hello everyone. I just listed the 4th cue for the breast cancer fundraiser. It is a custom butterfly cue donated by Brent hartman (BHQ) . Here is the link to the auction. Dont forget to visit the main thread and make a small...
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    Chris byrne cue up for sale! 3rd fundraiser cue.

    Hello everyone. I have just listed the 3rd cue for the breastcancer fundraiser. It is one of my cues. Item number 140646107336 I am not sure why the link is not working?? I will try to get it working today It will be followed by a BHQ cue and then a South West Cue. Thanks for looking and helping...
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    Second Charity cue up for Sale! Jacoby.

    Hello all I have just listed the second cue for the breast cancer fundraiser I have running. So far we have raised over $3500 to be donated to the Koman foundation. Please check out the cue and place a bid. Thanks Chris
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    !!!!Haley,Southwest,jacoby,Zinzola,Sugartree,Webb, Byrne,Bhq Cue fundraiser!!!!

    UPDATED!!,South west cues,jacoby,Zinzola,Sugartree,Webb, Byrne,Bhq Cue fundraiser!!!! Hello everyone! I am proud to announce a cue auction fundraiser to benifit the Koman foundation for breast cancer research. I will be listing cues from Ron Haley, South west cues, Jacoby, Zinzola, sugartree...
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    Chris Byrne spalted quilted maple cue for sale.

    Hello all. Up for sale is a spalted quilted maple cue. It is 59 inches with a cognac elephant ear wrap. 2 13mm shafts with lbm ferrules and everest tips. The rings are sterling silver inlayed with 8 ivory diamonds. Price $980 delivered conus. The pictures did not come out great, I will snap a...
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    buffing a cue

    I was buffing all night and boy are my arms tired! . . . . . . . . . . ps, this is just a joke. obviously .
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    super billiard cues preview

    Morning everyone. I am getting ready to catch a plane. I just snapped a few quick pics for a preview. They washed out some of the inlays and veneer colors but you get the idea. I will have several other cues with me as well. These are just the ones I finished tonight. Look forward to seeing...
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    what do you think?

    any guesses as to what this wood is?
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    any josswest maint. arbors out there

    Does anyone have maint. arbors for the radial style pins in josswest cues? Or, a tap so I can make my own. I have several come thru the poolhall where I do repairs. If not I will measure and turn on myself. Just hoping I can buy one.
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    How hard to relaminate GC1 rails

    I am thinking of buying a GC1 from my local poolhall. They are in decient shape but the formica on the rails is worn and in a few small places cracked near the furring (spelling?) strip for the cloth on the top of the rail. Is it very difficult to replace it? This will be the deciding factor on...
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    need a predator z shaft for a schon

    Hello all. I have a friend in need of a used Z shaft that has a 5/16 14 insert and a silver trim ring. Let me know if you have one in good condition and the price. Thanks Chris If my pm's get full just post it in this thread. Thanks