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    Dennis Searing Shaft

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    Dennis Searing Shaft

    The ferrule is ivory Kamui clear tip can’t say as to the grain count, but Dennis was particular on shaft wood. After close examination I see a few scratches in the ivory and a small chip next to the pad looks like someone didn’t know what they were doing when they put the tip on😬 considering...
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    Buddy Hall

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    Dennis Searing Shaft

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    Dennis Searing Shaft

    Sorry it took me so long Believe it to be 3/8 10
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    Dennis Searing Shaft

    I believe I have a 3/8 10 I’ll check when I get home
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    Buddy Hall book

    Wanted Buddy Hall rags to ritches
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    Old cushions

    I am restoring my anniversary table. It has the original monarch cushions which still play great so I don’t want to replace them. Question is would it be advisable to treat the rubber with something like armorall Tire treatment?
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    BK Rush

    BK Rush very light use $500 or best
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    Porper Q-Lathe

    Have you come up with an asking price?
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    Looking for

    Looking for bases for a Brunswick anniversary table
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    Sold Brunswick Centennial set needs a new home.

    Would you take $100?
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    Ball polishers

    Does your ballstar ever get hot or blow fuses?
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    Ball pollisher

    Has anyone used a ballstar cleaner and had issues with overheating and blown fuses?
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    Scruggs catalog

    Looking to purchase this catalog. PM if you can help