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    Full splice butterflys blanks

    I am sure those will be beautiful.
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    Reconditioned shaft

    Perhaps you should mention this guys name and the room he works out of. I bet he would appreciate it.
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    Verl Horn Cue for sale Burton Spain Forearm No longer for sale

    Those are nice,had one just like it and a few other Horn cues I was lucky enough to spend a few afternoons with Verl when I was in the Air Force stationed at Altus. Verl was a good cuemaker and a really great story teller.
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    Are jump break cues not as good as break cues for breaking?

    Just play one hole,no need for a jump/break cue.
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    Golf versus Pool

    When I used to play in tournaments I always dressed nice,casual and comfy . I always had the mindset that it can't hurt my game to dress decently. I never put much thought into clothes when I was hitting balls at a local hall.
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    Sold Custom built Dufferin Hoppe Sneaky Pete

    I just had a sneaky made from a Duff house cue without veneers. Mine looks like a house cue unless you look close,no collar ,just a brass insert in the shaft with a 3/8 x 10 pin. It feels very solid as you would expect from a full splice cue. I would not sell mine for $275 and it has just 1...
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    Anyone with any experience buying a table out of state?

    A few years ago I bought a GC1 and drove around 500 miles to pick it up. I met the seller halfway. The table was in his Suburban and we reloaded it into my Tundra with a 6 foot bed.There were no issues at all with making it fit. I did put the rails and the plastic skirting inside.Frame and...
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    Tips to install rubber bumper in cue?

    I think some lube would help. Perhaps you should ask this in the ask the cuemaker area.
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    Bob Owen "Balabushka trbute" exc cond

    Hi Don, nice cue. I sure am happy with my Owen tribute, Bob makes a great playing cue .
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    What kind of cue please !

    I Had one just like it,laid it down on the table and never saw it again.
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    Custom Sneaky Pete plans, am I missing anything?

    I am also having a s/p made by Randall Busbee .. The butt will be from a Duff 1 piece cue I sent him. It will have joint collars and rings for a bit less worry about splitting. I gave Randall some general specs ie around 19 oz ,12.75 mm shaft . I pretty much left it to him to build it however...
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    Sand Springs, Ok...........................$$$

    Too bad ,reminds me of a song or two..Livin on the edge or worse...Another one bites the dust.
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    Sand Springs, Ok...........................$$$

    I loved the Ok pool scene when I lived in the Sooner state.I hope some good video of Matlock comes out of this. Perhaps J Walden will make an appearance.
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    Shaun your cues are finished...

    You are truly a master craftsman.
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    GC's...$1300/ea OBO at Rusty's Arlington

    I would bet there has been a lot of action on those tables .I was only there a handful of times but good players were everywhere.