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    Gus szamboti wanted

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    James White JMW

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    Tony Zinzola Player

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    Wayne Gunn

    Wayne Gunn 1980’s 6 Solid Ebony Points W/Dots and clovers Solid Ebony Buttsleeve W Maple boxes, dots and clovers Dots and clover inlays are said to be made of pool balls Maple Ringwork at all 5 spots White/ Black Linen Finished over Butt 16.3 Shaft 1 3.5 12.25mm Shaft 2 3.4 11.80mm Butt is...
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    Dale Patten Ebony

    Here is one you don’t see everyday!!! Dale Patten Circa 1975 Solid Ebony Forearm 5/16x18 Flatfaced IV Joint Solid Ebony Buttsleeve Silver Rings at the Joint 8 IV Diamond Inlays 4 IV Boxes IV Ferrules One box has a Gold Nameplate with the Name “ H Lew” One box has what looks to be a gold...
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    Bill McDaniel Cue

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    James White JMW

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    (4) Joss West Cues

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    (2) Pechauer Rogue Shafts

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    Kikel Cue

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    ‘04 Shawn Putnam Player

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    (2) Pechauer Rogue Shafts

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    (4) Joss West Cues

    Not sure what you mean? I’ve seen some JW cues with this pin Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    (4) Joss West Cues

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    Eddie Laube Cue

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