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    Scott Frost Tournament a Results

    Anyone know the results of Scotts recent event in Iowa? I know Scott finished in 4th place. How did the rest of the field finish?
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    Scott Frost Finish

    I know Scott finished 4th place in his recent one pocket event in Des Moine Iowa How did the rest finish? Who won the Calcutta?
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    What constitutes when a ball is shoot able behind the line in one pocket?

    A new player in my circle of playing opponents is adamant that unless more than half of the ball in question, is ahead of the kitchen line, then said ball is not shoot able. I have played that in order for said ball to be shoot able, only any part of the belly or better part thereof, need to...
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    One pocket question?

    After a scratch, what is the official ruling in determining what ball is eligible to be shot at? Is it the belly of the object ball being over the line, or does the entire ball have to be over the line?
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    cyclop balls

    Anyone care to help me understand why I would switch from Pro Aramith Tournament balls? This, Cross-Side-Larry
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    Ultra Skin Tips

    Anyone know where I can buy some Ultra Skin tips? Thanks, Larry
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    Steve Lomax African Blackwood Beauty FSBO

    Specs on this player: Two shafts, 13mm, new Kamui SS tips Butt & shaft together 19& 1/8. Lizard wrap Signed & like new
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    Dave Parker

    WTB... Dave Parker with uni lock joint. Will pay cash or trade for one of my collector / player cues.
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    Bonus Ball

    Is it still alive?
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    Break Cue

    WTB Break Cue. What is out there for sale? Will pay cash or trade and cash. Cross Side Larry
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    Cues for sale / no trades please

    Willie Hoppe Jim Busse Jack Madden Steve Lomax All cues are in like new condition. PM your interest and I will forward pics and $ Larry
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    Arizona Handicap Question?

    A former "10" rated Arizona player recently shared with me that some time ago all rated AZ players had their handicaps reduced. How does one find out what their current handicap rating is? Can it be done online?
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    One Pocket Rule Question: Foul or no?

    Shooting a ball into my pocket, I make the ball clean. Cue ball hits short rail and bounces back and hits mt cue tip before I can get cue out of the way. What is the call? Foul or no foul?
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    Mosconi Cup Observation

    Are the Europeans all playing with low deflection Predator shafts and using Kamui chalk?
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    Counterfit Aramyth Tournament Balls

    I recently posted a thread about the weight discrepancy that I found existed in a new set of Aramyth T-B's... The cue ball weighed 5 & 7/8 ounce. Six of the set (four stripes & one solid) also weighed 5 & 7/8 ounce. One ball in the set, a stripe, weighed 5 & 3/4 ounce. All remaining balls...