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    Sold >> FS or trade, Eddie Cohen ebony/ebony <<

    Hi, yes I’m certain it’s a 3/8-11 (same as South West)
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    Sold >> FS or trade, Eddie Cohen ebony/ebony <<

    For sale…Eddie Cohen SW styled cue, ebony on ebony 6 points with maple/red veneers, genuine black ele wrap, joint caps included. 3/8-11 joint pin. Cue has light play, just a few very small scratches or dents but have to look **very** close to see them. Finish is shiny and super clean. Easy...
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    New jump/break ✊🏽🐊🍀

    Might just have to start using this one just out of the Gilbert shop. Andy and Vicki did a great job on it….and Ms Crystal on the scrimshaw. Smashes the racks!!!!!
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    B. Szamboti Gem

    Love it…..perfect Barry!!!
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    Because he’s a nit
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    70’s Custom Gary Allen Cue w/ Szamboti blank, !vory Barbells, Malachite inlays!

    That’s sweet! He really made awesome playing cues. I actually own the top one in the blue book pic, had the opportunity to buy it a few years back and am glad i did!!
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    Great cues but market has sailed for that kind of pricing ⛵️
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    Sold 2222 Hustler case 2x2

    I like!
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    >>> FS: Gator Cue Tips (J/B)...Gilbert <<<

    Bump, have plenty on hand right now
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    1989 Custom Led Zeppelin Cue by Richard Black

    Beautiful Black!!!! Congrats
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    Starting next year PayPal will 1099 you selling anything via goods and services over $600, so virtually everyone will be doing f&f only
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    At Last - McKernan

    Nice pickup....they are cool cases, have one myself
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    >>> FS: Gator Cue Tips (J/B)...Gilbert <<<

    Plenty on hand right now, who needs them?
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    WTB......vintage Ann Gore case 1x2

    Looking to buy a nice example of an Ann Gore case. Price negotiable but I may be one of the only guys on earth buying vintage 1x2 stuff lol 🤣 Can pm me thx Pic for effect******