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    Diamond Light for Sale

    Diamond Light for Sale (Northern California) - Light fully illuminates a full-size (4.5' x 9') table - Best pool table light on the market hands down - This one is made of maple wood - Includes wireless remote control On/Off switch - Light is equipped with electronic ballasts - Includes the...
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    FS: Deluxe BreakRAK

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    VHS Tapes: Accu-Stats & Secrets of Pool Hustling

    VHS Tapes: Accu-Stats, Secrets of Pool Hustling, & Kimura's Mind Blowing Trick Shots No longer available. Found a better use for them.
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    FS: Sardo Tight Rack M-5000

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    Is this a legal coin flip?

    I think you guys are on to something here! :)
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    Magic Rack to be allowed at Las Vegas BCAPL National 8-Ball Championships

    I read this in the Magic Rack thread: I've been using the Magic Rack for a few weeks now and I really like it. So I think it's really cool to read that we'll be allowed to use it at the BCAPL event in Vegas this month. However, I got to wondering a couple of things that I'm hoping Mark...
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    Are jump shot devices helpful & legal

    That's not "EZ" enough for me. Let's cut to the chase and bring these things into the game: Just set it down on the table, and the cue ball gets right over the obstructing ball. Couldn't be "EZ"er. :thumbup:
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    BCAPL Beer Bust... shady behavior of beer servers.

    OK, this post is a few months late, but I think it was really wrong and never said anything until now. I had forgotten about this, but it came to mind again when I was reading another thread. At the BCAPL Nationals in Vegas in May there was a "beer bust" which was a nice gesture by the BCAPL...
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    Oscar Dominguez - What's in the case?

    I thought this was an interesting "what's in the case": Speaking of case, does anyone know what type of case that is? I don't think they mentioned the actual brand. Sorry if this is a re-post. I don't think I've seen this posted on here yet.
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    Drink Duff. Oh yeah! Welcome, Duffman! I found an avatar for you:
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    Is your Search function broken?

    I'm having trouble with the Search function: It seems to be doing a logical "OR" on my search terms. For example if I search for: pool azjfdja I get 40 pages of results. At first I thought "azjfdja" could be a some new slang or something but when I...
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    New twist on common rules question. Jawed balls.

    OK, so this question comes up all the time. Say you have balls that get stuck as described in this rule (BCAPL): 1.47 Jawed Balls If balls are wedged between the sides of a pocket or between cushions and any of those balls are suspended in the air, the referee will inspect the balls and judge...
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    What is the Most Ill-Conceived Pool Product You Have Ever Come Across?

    Haha! I always think of David Puddy from Seinfeld. "You got a question? Ask the 8-ball!" lmao