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    Cue Lost - USPS Shipping - Who's Responsible??

    Ship USPS Registered. Only way to go for high value cues. Totally different process for handling compared to normal mail and packages. Every person who touches it has to sign for it. It doesn't get thrown in with normal mail for processing. They hate it because they have to handle it with...
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    Ever seen an AE cue like this?

    I I recognize one of those Rodney! Sending you a PM.
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    collectables are they done ?

    I think there will be some. I think there are a few guys who make some really nice stuff compared to most others. Not going to mention names, but I see many cues nowadays that seem to be ill planned or designed, even by some of the better known newer guys. A lot of cues being pumped out by...
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    Charles C. Peterson's challenge

    That is pretty cool. I came across a cue that Peterson gifted to a friend. Ebony 26 1/2 2 piece. I didn't know who he was when I bought the cue. A pair of these scissors would be nice to couple with the cue. The guy he gifted the cue to was also in the movie industry. I am hoping that I...
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    What color set of pool balls is best?

    I find it interesting that even people who are not colorblind have a problem distinguishing between the colors on TV. I am colorblind and hate anything other than the traditional colors. I am also unable to focus with my glasses on and at this time I don't have the money to buy the special...
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    Cuttyhunk Cortland Linen

    I came across a couple of 50 yd. spools of vintage Cortland Linen No. 9, 27 lb. test and grabbed them at what I believe to be a decent price in the hopes that I will be able to have a vintage cue appropriately restored if/when I come across one worthy in the future. For me, the only downside...
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    Cue repair lathe for sale near Mesa, Arizona I have no dog in this hunt but wanted to share the info in case someone is looking. Admin please delete it this is not the appropriate place to post.
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    ferrule discolored

    I changed the tip on a friends cheap "walmart type" cue the other day, and the ferrule material started to turn kind of opaque after I applied the glue. It was milky white before the application. Is this because I used the normal Gorilla superglue or because it is just a cheap and crappy ferrule?
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    Charles C. Peterson and Isaac Leon Klasky

    I picked up a nice ebony 26 1/2 over the weekend that came out of an estate sale in Olivette, MO, near St. Louis. The MOP wedge in the buttsleeve is engraved "To My Friend I. Leon Klasky from Charles C. Peterson 1925. When googling both and posting question to gain more knowledge of the men...
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    Any members in the St. Louis area?

    Any members in the St. Louis area that might be able to run a small errand for me? Will provide details if you PM or text me. Thanks. Scott 713-374-5126
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    cue model numbers

    I don't understand how people CONSTANTLY ask on groups/forums, etc. what model of XXX brand production cue they own. If they are smart enough to know how to start a thread AND post pictures, how can they not find maker catalogs in a normal google search? 90% of them are relatively current...
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    Essential Tremors

    Do any of you guys suffer from essential tremors, and if so, do you do anything that is effective in their reduction? Mine seem to be pretty severe for the first 1/2 hour or so, then seem to settle down some.
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    What adhesive should I use?

    I was playing last week with an early '80s 5/16X18 piloted joint cue. After a hard stroked shot, I noticed the shaft was way off. I generally check to make sure my cue is screwed together tightly about once every 2-3 games. The cue does not normally become loose during play. Basically, the...
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    shafts for old cues

    So what would you do. You buy a vintage cue that comes with 2 or more shafts, and they all have a decent amount of roll and/or are <12.5 in diameter, or both. Knowing that most potential purchasers want "very straight" and full shafts, do you leave it alone, or would you: * Keep the fullest...
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    Thoughts on collectibility

    Just curious what you guys think about future collectability of cues that were owned by well known shortstops as opposed to actual touring pros. Worth more? I have seen a couple recently for sale and wondering if it makes much of a difference. Thanks.