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    E. Ear cue wrap

    Found these during final clean up. The E. Ear is primo condition. Nice and smooth, run's about .027 thick. This came from an ear I bought, cut up and had professionally split. Chocolate Brown. Second wrap is just thrown in to get rid of, probably embossed cowhide, nice brown color. Free...
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    Gun Drill 16"

    Drill Master's Gun Drill Special wood grind, mounted in BXA tool holder 250-202 with air flow control valve .750 x 16inches As mounted you can drill 15 inches deep. Still sharp SOLD shipped conus
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    UV Finish Curing Light

    UV Finish Curing Light (Sold)) American Ultra Violet IR1000F Light. Used in many UV Curing systems. Multiple power settings to match up with different UV finishes. SOLD
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    DeAngelo Wrap Jig and Porper Presser Pro

    For Sale DeAngello Wrap Jig These predated the wrap magic jigs. Can't compare because I've never used the wrap magic. Do know these work and are easy to use. Porper Presser Pro Not sure if still in production. This one has seen lots of use and is on it's second set of delrin wheels. Still...
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    Hard Curly Maple

    Hard Curly Maple """SOLD"""" Closing out the shop. Group "D" 1 1/2 x 1 1/2 x 18 Purschased as a special buy from Bell in April 2015. 140.00 free shipping conus SOLD
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    Birdseye Maple

    Birdseye Maple """"SOLD""""" Closing out the shop. Group "B" 1 1/2 x 1 1/2 x 18 Purschased as a special buy from Bell in August of 2014. Hand picked at their mill. $140.00 with free shipping to conus SOLD
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    Ron thomas/ joe whitten cases for sale

    Cleaning up some loose ends These are all new never used. Been sitting in the closet for about 3 years. Top case Ron Thomas 1x2 Black Italian leather SOLD Joe Whitten Brown 1x2 SOLD Joe Whitten Black 1x2 250.00 Joe Whitten Black 1x2 250.00 ACCEPTING OFFERS, SORRY NO TRADES Free...
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    pic test of cases
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    Rotary table for sale

    I just listed my rotary table on ebay. Don't need it anymore with new 5c indexer. It's very, very accurate and negligible backlash. I bought one of the cheap 5c collet chucks on ebay and mounted on it...
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    State Champ Plays a Klein

    Congrats to Robert Cleland, Texas BCA Senior 8 ball Champion. Robert has several Kleins, but this one sees the most action. We went thru several tapers till we came up with one that fit Roberts game perfectly. Old school at it's best.
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    Local Delivery Conversion

    Not sure what the wood in this conversion was, but the color and the brightness of the veneers were great to work with. Going to a local home. Lots of ivory and an elephant ear wrap. Final buff and bumper and it's out the door.
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    Klein Cues SBE sneak peak

    Bridged veneers. One sold, one will be in my booth 410.
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    Precise Spindle on Ebay

    Anyone interested heres the link Worked great for me, just upgraded to NSK with collet closer.
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    Precise Spindle on Ebay

    Worked great for me, just moved up to NSK with collet closer
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    mitred veneer saw blade

    Sold, Thank you