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    Do I need a dehumidifier?

    Is this in the basement? maybe with not as good of mechanical air (ac/heat). may need to re-stretch, 46 is a little on the high side, not bad for finishing though (paints). My table go's through extremes as far as environment, what you're describing reads like an issue I experienced, re...
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    Stats -- Woodward vs. Orcollo 7-Foot 10-Ball Race to 150, April 2021

    ya no, Dennis pocketed more runs (balls), meaning Sky had some half skin wins... sooo ...this one isn't over??? or maybe Dennis won it by a half.
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    Stats -- Woodward vs. Orcollo 7-Foot 10-Ball Race to 150, April 2021

    that's a different league than I'm familiar with...
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    Earth 300 Gigayacht

    me thinking with nearly 2000 souls supporting the 500 or so researchers there has gotta be an handy escape for that friendly challenge to their brain exercises.
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    Dennis vs Sky.

    yes sirrr, thanks for all of the scoring points of view, that was close. that's a tough stroke to hoe, all or nothing.
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    Earth 300 Gigayacht

    It's hard to imagine that with all the smarts involved in this one not having a gyro balancing modified 9'r, for space and weight constraints you understand. link: This Insane 984-Foot Explorer Gigayacht Has a Giant ‘Science Sphere’ for Research ( ..not sure what it is however I'm...
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    9' Table Allergy?

    been my experience when going to a 7' my eyes get big thinking this easier, pockets are so close. Playing fields are a changing, I thinking it's idealist ideologist or maybe SBC who has a gig going, trading out tables, looking for 9'rs with snookers style pockets. at first seeing the post...
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    Wired breaks idea

    ...nah, we be way past all that, todays game...? players bring there own rule scored by who should win.
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    Wired breaks idea

    ..alternating package's, patterns? like, winner racks an alternative? some may call it a challenge; :cool:
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    Wired breaks idea

    This has been resolved, pull the money ball out of the rack and place it in the center of the table, break begins with a smash on it first, the money ball into the rack, if it the money ball pots, it spots.
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    Break Stats (a few) -- Predator Championship League Pool 9-Ball, March 2021

    great stuff AtLarge, how would you give the story on the final, how this went down? 1. Albin Ouschan (Day 6 winner) 2. David Alcaide (Day 3 winner) 3/4. Eklent Kaçi (Day 2 winner) 3/4. Chris Melling (Day 1 winner) 5. Naoyuki Oi (Day 5 winner) 6. Marc Bijsterbosch (Day 7 winner) 7. Niels Feijen...
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    ...having caught a little bit of the matchroom gig currently in play and I did check out the ultimate shoot out a week or so back fine the shootout more entertaining. That clock use has its game about it, especially for that hill hill situation. It feels to be a more serious, time management...
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    Black Ball ?

    ummm, not much comes to mind... ...well, other than, for the faint of heart, staying with the basics. ..unless you're wanting another aside on whom has the best run within a rack, scheme of things?
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    Black Ball ?

    I'm liking the scoring of runs, per inning(visit) basic stuff, first pot is for 1pt, 2nd pot worth 2pt = 3pt's, 3rd potted ball in a row continuing the run is 3 pts totaling = 6pts. 1 is 1pt, 2 ball run is 3pts, 3 pots is 6pt, 4 pots is 10pts, 5 ball run is worth 15, 6 pots is 21 with a 7 ball...
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    Longstroke Billiards in ST Pete FLA Area!

    ..geezzz, I just got a kink in my back. that was after I was going cool on the "New 9' Blue Label Diamond Pro Am w/ Tournament Blue going in soon for LIVE STREAM'S SPONSORED BY DIAMOND BILLIARD PRODUCTS!!! Matches are already lining up!! MORE TO COME!" then seeing that Tournament Blue. Is that...