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    Brazilian Rose wood pricing

    It is Dalbergia nigra. My buddy bought it all from the same seller on ebay over 10 years ago. It is all waxed and no splits or knots that I can see. They were originally going to be used for guitar necks but he no longer makes guitars. Here are some pics of one of the pieces. Grain is black an...
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    Brazilian Rose wood pricing

    It's the real thing.
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    Brazilian Rose wood pricing

    What do you think is a fare price per board foot for old growth Brazilian rosewood? I'm talking large pieces 3X3X48.
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    Gabon Ebony cored fronts for sale

    I have two cored Gabon ebony fronts for sale. The dowels are maple and 15 inches long. The fronts are 13 inches long. They are tapered 1 inch to 1.15 inch. I will take $175 for both shipped. If you are in the Orlando are and want to pick them up I will take $150.
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    Ebony squares for sale

    I have 2 Ebony pieces for sale. On is just over 24 inches and one is just under. They are 1.75X1.75. I will take $160 plus $13 shipping for these. Any questions just send me a message. Thanks.
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    Bubinga Cored fronts

    I have three cored Bubinga fronts for sale. They are 13 inches long with a 15 inch X .75 dowel. They are coned 1.09 X 1.25. I also have a couple scrap pieces I will throw in for but pieces. First person to message me can have them for $75 shipped to Con. US, Any questions please send me a...
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    Cored fronts for sale.

    I have 3 fronts for sale. 1- quilted maple, 1- Brazilian rose wood and one Bubinga. The sizes are as follows- Maple 1.30X1.11 Rose wood is 1.09X.94 and the Bubinga is 1.11X.95. They are all 13 inches long with .75X15 inch dowels. First person to message me can have them for $155.00 shipped in...
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    Amboyna Burl Cored front with butt

    I have for sale an Amboyna Burl front with butt piece. It has a 15 inch .75 dowel, Front is 13 inches. It is 1.10"X1.25". The butt is 1.38X6". First person to message me can have it for $375.00 shipped in the cont. US. Any questions please send me a message. Thanks.
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    Ebony cored fronts

    I have two ebony cored fronts. They are 13 inches long with 3/4 inch X 15 inch dowel. They are 1.10 X 1.25. first person to message me can have them for $125.00 shipped to cont. US. Sorry my phone doesn't take the best pics. These are sold.
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    Quilted maple cored fronts with butts

    Three quilted maple cored fronts. They are approximately 1.25 X 1.12 and 13 inches long. Two of the butts are 6 inches and one is 5 inches, $100 delivered in cont. US. No international sales. Any questions please message me.
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    Cored fronts

    Anyone interested in some cored fronts? Just trying to see what the demand for these would be.
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    Lucasi Question

    Has anyone heard of a Lucasi 310? I can't find any information on this.
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    PFD Ebony and Ivory for sale

    I am selling a PFD cue for a friend. Mr. Drexler said this cue was made within the last 6 years. He valued it new at $2800 to $3000. This cue is in excellent shape for it's age. I don't know much about the history of it but it looks to have been well maintained. The finish is in very good...
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    New website to sell hand made stuff

    Just thought I would share this with all the cue makers here. This site is to sell hand made things only. The best part is it's only .20 cents to list, you get 5 free pictures and if it sells you only pay them 3%...
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    Cocobolo and curly maple points

    This is one I just finished on Sunday.