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    Calling Dr. Dave! - "Plus System" for Kicking

    I've always used the "Plus System" for two rail kick shots, but never knew what it was called. I had watched an APA Dr. Cue YouTube video years ago, and it displayed similar teachings to the Plus System in Dr. Dave's video: The plus system is usually...
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    Conceding the Rack - A different perspective

    So, last night I played terrible. There were times were I rattled ball after ball. Well, finally got in line and started running the rack (9-ball). I get down to an odd lengthy shot on the 8 and it rattles. Now the 8 ball is sitting in the lower right pocket and the 9 is sitting in the lower...
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    Jason Shaw's stance on the Mosconi Cup

    Not sure if this little snippet of audio has been posted before, but I found it interesting to hear his point of view. It's not very long, but he explains why he doesn't care for it. He also goes on to make a mention of the Ko brothers' youngest brother.
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    Can anyone ID this Adam cue for me?

    It's a real monster!
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    What's the deal bro?

    Pool Related: I ordered a cue in late 2013 and was told it would be finished in mid 2014. Fast forward to early 2015 and the cue was never finished. I contacted the maker, gave an ultimatum that wasn't met, and I was refunded my deposit. I ordered a case in 2013. The order was lost and never...
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    Hands on History - Billiards

    Back when the History channel had relevant broadcasts, now it's just Pawn Stars reruns. Check out the Southwest cue, talks about Moori tips, and ball construction.
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    Should we start calling SVB, Mr. 3-Peat?

    Congrats to SVB on another USBTC win!
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    Shane's Cuetec has seen some mileage.

    Anybody else notice how beat up his Cuetec is? :shocked2: Is that some new fancy design or is it just missing that much of the forearm finish?
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    Tutorial on how to add photo links to your signature.

    I'll start this tutorial assuming that members know how to access the editing features for their signature. I've received PM's asking how to do this and it's very simple, so I figured I would share for everyone to see. Example: Without Image tags...
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    New AzBilliards Feature - Panjo Marketplace I never noticed this, until today. I think it's overly complicated and redundant, let alone that it does nothing to solve the marketplace issues. If AzB wants to collect revenue for using the marketplace, limit thread starters to paid...
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    Pool Prize Money vs Country or Region?

    Looking at the AzB homepage, I noticed that SVB is still 1st in the money overall and Mr. Orcollo in second. Now, SVB is ahead by roughly $40k, but SVB also lives in America. While $100,000/year isn't much for a sport, maybe it is for players in other countries or regions? I'm hoping Jay...
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    Well... No more extension. What to do now?

    Well, I'm not going to point any fingers or blame anyone but myself here. I was screwing the extension in, as usual, and it seemed odd that it wasn't getting tight. Rather than screwing it in further, and stripping it out, I backed off and POP! It came right out. I'm going to get in touch...
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    Why only Stainless Steel joints?

    I'm involved in the knife community fairly regularly and have seen all sort of materials being used for different aesthetics on and in knives. I've often wondered why materials, other than stainless steel, have never been used. I have seen a damascus joint pin used and it has been discussed...
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    Review - Instroke Leather Cue Case

    I went through a number of cases in the last few years, including cases from various case makers on AzB. I had never tried out an Instroke case, and my only experience with one was an older Instroke that a friend bought off of ebay. It was in really rough shape, but held his cues securely. So, I...
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    Summit Ebony Sneaky w/ Extension & Tiger Ultra X LD

    No longer for sale, due to repairs.