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    Brent Summers 4 point / butterfly blank for sale

    Beautiful curly maple / rosewood full splice for sale Was gonna have a cuemaker convert this but he just went AWOL on me so I'm going to sell it and just wait for my name to be up on Brent's list instead All pics are in imgur link 30.25" butt 16.02 OZ UNCORED All points are damn near dead...
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    One of a kind Tulipwood Green leaf Dufferin w/ CORTLAND wrap

    Cortland linen wrap... Never seen another Tulipwood Green leaf Dufferin either. Can't find any pics or any threads anywhere. Someone told me it was probably a random piece of tulipwood that got put in the bin with rosewoods by accident. Might be one of a kind. Wrap put on by PFD. Standard...
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    Awesome wrapless Randy Mobley player for sale!

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    GORGEOUS curly two-tone pink ivory Darren Hills custom 4 point for sale

    Hey all, so my girlfriend has her eye on a new cue. So she asked me to list this for her. You're never gonna see another like this one, that's for sure. Some of the craziest most beautiful curly pink ivory you'll ever see. Impossible to photograph with my horrible pictures especially. The cue...
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    wtb Meucci Pro shaft 3x8/10 black collar

    Preferably lightly used. Must be the newer "The Pro" shaft or the ultimate one whatever its called. 11.75mm-12.5mm Will take either. 3x8/10 black collar. Post condition, size, and PRICE shipped conus.
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    Going to want to change a Dufferins joint

    Buying a Dufferin SP from a guy this week. It has their half threaded 5/16-14 pin so only that shaft will fit. Wanting to replace it with a standard 5/16-14 and change it from wood to wood to a piloted ivory joint. Who would do this? Not sure if Ryan at Mueller's would put an ivory joint on a...
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    Beautiful unique Joss West for sale

    Selling this one for a friend. Unique from the others I've seen, the cue is a real show stopper in person. 8 point with inlays in points and at tops, ebony / curly maple. Ivory buttcap, elephant ear wrap, 2 great shafts in excellent condition. One shaft has no tip installed currently. He has...
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    Dead even points and veneers

    Who have you had experience with that consistently provides dead even points, at all levels? Recuts, veneers, returns, etc. Now that I've had a good few different names of well known makers I'm really starting to appreciate what only a couple of them have provided consistently. Namely Eric...
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    Randy Mobley email?

    Got it thanks guys
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    2x4 Brown smooth leather Whitten case

    Sold! Thanks everyone.
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    Rick Howard 8 point BEM wrapless!

    Cue is in mint condition. Easily 97%+++ Beautiful 2 veneer 8 point wrapless. Hit's great! Reminds me of a Sugartree. Great shaft taper. Overall great player. I'd have kept it if I didn't have a few cues coming. Butt: 14.8 Oz Shaft 1: 12.8MM 3.6 Oz Shaft 2: 12.2MM 3.5 Oz sold Trades for...
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    Don LaRue Memorial One Pocket - Brickyard Billiards Indianapolis

    I was asked to post this, call Brickyard or email with any inqueries.
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    Mississippi Grind movie About gambling. One scene in the trailer they're in a pool room and the lead says "Some guys are born to lose" Wonder if there's some pool action in this movie...
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    Gorgeous 4 point / butterfly 5 recut DBK

    Here we go. I almost couldn't sell this one when I got it from Dmitry. Fresh off the plane from Siberia... 4 point 5 recut purple heart / ebony / maple full splice Dmitry's cues are severely underrated. The splices are all very even and look FANTASTIC in person. This cue plays with your eyes...
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    Ivory pointed Mike Webb for sale

    Here you go guys, one of Mikes biggest cues ever. He told me he won't be making any more ivory pointed cues due to the new laws. I'm really not wanting fancy cues anymore. Just too much work looking after them every second to make sure they don't grow legs. Going to have Mike make me a...