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    Early Ebony South West

    Ebony SouthWest This is a very clean, unique, authenticated 1985 South West. Their description. “East Indian Macassar ebony nosepiece inlaid with six points of East Indian Macassar ebony, bordered in a red veneer. Irish linen wrap. Base is solid Macassar ebony. The decorative joint rings are...
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    SW shaft

    Clean very, very slight roll in taper, many would consider straight SW shaft. 3.5 oz, 12.95 mm. $225.00 shipped US only.
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    Unique early ebony SouthWest

    Cue is sold, thanks for all the offers.
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    Searing feeler

    Item deleted as no longer available.
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    Fancy Gilbert give away

    Well almost a give away. Cue is perfect, 3 up and 3 down ebony points with a solid ivory joint. Cue has four shafts, two original and two I had made by Andy. All white is ivory except butt cap. The two new ones have ivory ferrules, the originals are LBM. Little or no play on any of the shafts...
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    Just got it back after long vacation

    Spectacular cue and work...... as usual from Dennis Words cannot describe the quality of the work.
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    Hard Times Annual Jamboree 10/11-10/15

    The annual Chuck Markulis Jamboree is coming to Hard Times in Sacramento this October. Make your plans now. Low entry fee and all money goes to players. There's always some action.
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    What would you call ......

    What would you call a cuemaker that got your somewhat high end cue three years ago to do a refinish and a shaft, and now(1year) refuses to communicate in any fashion.....
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    Hard Times Jamboree 10/6-10/10-2k added 1pk, 4k added 9 ball

    This is not one to miss. Open 24 hrs. Mini tournaments.
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    Hard times Jamboree 1pk 2K added, 9 ball 4K 10/6

    Here is the flier for the upcoming Chuck Markulis Memorial Jamboree to take place October 6-10,2011. This is actually the 14th Annual Jamboree, but the Jamboree is now dedicated to Chuck, as it was his baby. If your in Vegas for the Alex/SVB match, come on over, there will be action from the...
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    FS Gus player

    Early Ebony Gus player. Szamboti blank. Refinished by Ernie Guiterrez in 07. Cortland wrap. Still in great condition. Two very lightly played Barry Shafts. Cue plays great. Several AZers have hit balls with it and say the same. I have additional matching shafts also, if wanted its extra, sorry...
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    Fatboy Updates Here

    7-6 Shane Ralf shooting
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    Fatboy Updates Here

    7-5 Shane. Ralf shooting
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    Efren and Francisco

    Everyone thats never seen Efren or Francisco play should come to Hard Times for the Chuck Markulis Memorial tournament. They will probably be there the Friday before the tournament. There should be mini tournaments on Friday eve also. Both are expected to do challenge matches with fans at a very...
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    How many do you recognize?

    Here's a picture from the late 70s tournament at the El Rancho or Senator Hotel in Sacramento. This tournament was put on by Terry Stonier and the Jointed Cue. Lots of familiar names in this picture. How many can you spot?