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    $1,300/Hr I should have been a pool table mover

    $650 for literally 30 minutes of work? Works out to $1,300 and hour to power tool the 4 legs off store them into the bottom of the table and tip the table onto a dolly and wheel it 11 feet. Glen, maybe if you could explain why the F this costs so much. Do you really need certified Diamond guys...
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    Make Pool Great Again!

    My idea is simple. Make every Major Tournament in the United States like the Mosconi Cup in regards to atmosphere. You want Professional pool to have the same cache as major sports? It needs the same enthusiasm that the major sports have. No more sitting quietly in your chair and whispering...
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    DD Vs. DO Roy's Basement PI rotation (61)

    Great exhibition with my favorite game. The fine gradations of angle trimming can't be done that effortlessly without an LD shaft. There are just too many variables with regular maple. Its clear as day. Dennis has such great consistency.
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    R.I.P. Helena Thornfeldt

    You entertained us all with your great shot making and wonderful personality. We will play a set when I get to the other side.
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    Who is currently the best player from CA?

    Glancing at the "King Of" posts got me thinking. Of course let me specify. Born and raised here. Went to school here. Lives here currently with a CA I.D. We could even break it up between Southern and Northern, unless there is a clear favorite. Today, not in the past.
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    My Aiming Method

    I stand over the CB in relation to where I think the CB will have to travel in a straight line in order to pocket the OB. I stand so the CB is in the center of my body...aligned with my nose, middle of my chest etc.. in my mind I place a point, maybe the size of the aramith emblem, on the very...
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    I was wondering your guys thoughts on this shot

    Mike Dechaine shooting at 13:20 on. What happened there? The 2 seems to pop right out of the pocket. All the tables were new in this tournament.