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    Surprise surprise about about Pool in MSM.👍

    So, about them rails?
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    Scratches on cue

    Some pictures would help.
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    Where's Glen Hancock (Therealkingcobra)?!?

    Was this ever resolved, I see realkingcobra is posting again so maybe he can shed some light on this?
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    Where's Glen Hancock (Therealkingcobra)?!?

    Seeing as Glen is posting again, was this ever resolved?
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    Do I need a dehumidifier?

    If you're playing 50 hours a week and want the table to keep playing pretty fast for a year vacuuming once a week won't cut it. I'd invest in a Dyson V8 or V10 and use it daily, avoid using the creamy like chalks like Kamui since that stuff is nearly impossible to get all the way out of the...
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    Over $380k bet on both sides 😳 WOODWARD VS ORCOLLO

    Why wouldn't they? Nobody said all that money was bet "even". I think Dennis is the favorite but if you offer me what I percieve to be enough games on the wire then I'd bet on Sky aswell.
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    Cognoscenti has raised rings...

    Are you sure, because I read somewhere on the internet he did?
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    I got $1,500 so tell me........

    It is going to be very very difficult if not impossible to find a cue that's been constructed better then an Exceed. These 2 are brand new with the option of a carbon shaft if that's you thing.
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    Physical Therapy For The Back

    Do you have any pictures of your NP? If not this thread is pretty worthless.
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    Long Dong vs the 3 foul rule question...if he had gotten the ball safe and Vilmos fouled, would he have won the game?

    Indeed, it's hard to make out in the audio but Michaela warns Vilmos that he's on two fouls around 5:03 in the video.
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    New bumping rules as of 2020

    Sorry, my sense of humor is not shared by many. I thought it funny to bump a topic on bumping rules.
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    Bumping threads

    With the new software up and running, can we "unsticky" this topic?
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    New bumping rules as of 2020

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    EuroWest Pin

    Perhaps I wasn't clear on that, this indeed is one of the old ones with the M9x2 pin. They used radial for a few years after that and stopped making cues I would guess around 10 years ago.
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    EuroWest Pin

    The older Eurowest had an M9x2 joint pin.