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    Shop Cleaning - Tools

    Lot #1 - 75.00 plus shipping Taps 1- 7/16x20 Atlas 2- 7/16x14 USA 1- 3/8x16 standard USA 1- 3/8x16 Long (10") USA Lot #2 - 75.00 1- 7/16x14 Atlas 1- 7/16x14 USA 1- 3/8x16 standard USA 1- 3/8x16 Long (10") USA Lot #3 - 50.00 plus shipping Porper cue holder Chamfer tool Tool post Lot #5...
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    Shop Cleaning - Cocobolo and Diamondwood

    Hello all, Cleaning the shop and found more cocobolo that has to go. Rings, ring stock, inlay stock, and some highly figured turning stock 1.5x1.5x 18. Asking 200.00 plus shipping. Thanks Also found some Diamondwood. 2x2x10 - Cocobolo and charcoal colors asking 50.00 plu shipping
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    Cuesmith Inlay Machine - ISO

    Looking for a Cuesmith Inlay Machine. Checking to see if anyone has one they are ready to part with. Send me a PM with details. Thanks
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    Selling Cocobolo 1.5x1.5x 36

    Hello all, This is the last of the Cocobolo stash that I am too allergic to even touch. So out they go. They are beautifully grained and I have 16 pieces at 1.5"x1.5"x36 rough sawn. Most all have swirls and waves and were picked for cues. They'll be sold as a lot. Sold Thanks
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    Cue Tip and Shaft Care products

    I am cleaning the shop and have a bunch of cue accessories. Check it out. The entire lot is 175.00 shipped. easily 1/2 price and most is new.
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    Cleaning Shop - Tools & Material

    Misc. Tools - Prices include shipping Lot #6 $ Sold Lot #7 $ Sold
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    Shop Cleaning - Tools

    Misc. Tools - Prices include shipping Price Lot #1 $140 was $160.00 Lot #2 $100 was $110.00 Lot #3 $90 was $100.00 Lot #4 $175.00 Lot #5 Sold
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    Shop Cleaning - Cocobolo

    Hello, Cleaning the shop and have some more Cocobolo that I can handle anymore. All rough sawn. Been sitting in the shop for 6+ years. Got the allergy 3 yrs ago. 2 - 3x3x18 exceptional grain 14 - 1.5x1.5x18 beautiful grains Sold.
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    Building A Tapering Saw

    I am in the process of building a manual adjusted (non-cnc) tapering saw for my shop. It's being built from 80/20, 20mm Linear bearing for travel, planned on a 1/2"x 10 Acme drive screw, and planned for DC motor drive. Planning on mounting to a 1/2" flat alum. frame to allow a saw switch if...
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    Taig Mill Motor & Spindle

    For sale Taig Mill parts. Was used for 2 hours and then replaced with a Unique system. Asking 250.00 + Shipping
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    Farewell Cocobolo - FS

    Hello,I'm selling most every piece of Cocobolo in my shop. SOLD - weighed 50lbs to ship! The box contains 28 pieces of at least 1.2" x 13" many are 1.5, the rest is what you see in the photos.
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    Tube stock - Ivory Color ID

    Hello all. Hoping for a little help getting a ID on the type of material this may be. The material was part of an estate of a cue maker who built cues from about 1995-2000. The stock is 36" long and looks uncut. Any opinion of value would also be much appreciated. Thanks.
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    FS - Big Bore 3 Jaw Chucks

    For sale 2- three jaw big bore chucks, 1-new and 1, like new. Shipped SOLD
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    FS Cue Building lathe parts

    For sale here are some good building blocks if you are going to build a lathe. Big bore 4 jaw chuck Tailstock with riser Steady Rest with a 4 jaw chuck Steady rest small bearing Asking SOLD Shipped
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    Hightower Taper setup value

    Hello all, Hoping to find the value of a tapering set up for a Hightower Mid-size Lathe. I bought the lathe all set up to make cues, but only plan to use it as a maintenance lathe. The equipment is like new, mint condition stuff. Please look at the pics and give me your opinions. Only the...