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    Szam Tribute

    :thumbup: Should be here tomorrow! :thumbup:
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    Schurtz Szam Tribute Almost Done

    Should be soon!
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    Completed Jerry -R-

    It's supposed to ship out tomorrow and arrive on Thursday.
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    Jerry -R- Progress Pics

    Coming along just as I had hoped. :)
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    Fargo Billiards

    I'll be there July 21-22 and maybe the morning/afternoon of the 23rd if anyone wants to play some.
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    My New Volturi

    Sons of Anarchy...I love this show! :thumbup:
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    Dennis Swift Lucky 7's Gambler Case

    Just got my new Dennis Swift Lucky 7's gambler case to match my Nitti Cue. I think it turned out least, just how I wanted it! :grin-square: Dennis was awesome to work with. Anyone looking to create their own custom case at very reasonable prices would do themselves a favor by...
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    WTB Ebony Merry window - Ringtail Wrap - Ivory Joint

    Like the title says - I want to buy that cue....I've got $1000 in my paypal...what do you have! :D
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    Chris Nitti

    My Chris Nitti gambler cue arrived today, and I have to say, Chris does absolutely fantastic work. He completely outdid himself with this cue, and I absolutely couldn't be happier with it. Chris was an absolutely pleasure to work with, and kept me updated every step of the way in the...
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    WTB Bushka Tribute Cue

    I can spend up to $1500, and have a couple cues I can throw in as trade to the right deal....let's see what you've got! :thumbup:
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    WTB: Klein Bushka

    I'm looking to buy this Klein bushka that was for sale a couple years ago. I absolutely loved the cue when it was originally posted, but wasn't able to pull the trigger at the time. Looking to make a deal with whoever purchased it.
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    Nitti Gambler

    Almost done!
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    Thank you, Justin!

    It was a hell of a run. Thank you for putting up 39 excellent TAR matches. The pool community owes you a ton for doing what you could to show us the best in our sport. Good luck on your next challenge!
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    Kikel Custom Cues

    I just wanted to give a shoutout to Dave Kikel of Kikel Custom Cues. I needed to have some work done on my Kikel cue, and I must say, it was a pleasure doing business with him. I am not the cues original owner, but when I called him to discuss the problem, he treated me like I had been a...
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    Idea for a training ball

    I think a pretty good idea for a training aid for fractional aiming would be a cue ball with multiple verticle lines on it. Line up the line on the cue ball with the corresponding edge of the object ball. Interesting idea to teach yourself exactly where 1/2, 1/3, 1/4, etc would be during your...