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    6 Steps of the Pool Shot

    I imagine you mean it's done before setting up/getting down on the cue ball. I find it very hard to aim from a "standing up" position. I typically bend over to get a good look at where I want to aim. Then I stand up, put my cue in place, get down on the shot, and fire. I do this being only...
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    Question about shooting fast and shooting slow......

    Interesting point. As a slow player, I never considered that. It may be the case that the slow pace player learns twice as much from each shot. Or not. I'll experiment with playing faster in the next few practice session and see what happens.
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    New Ralph Greenleaf Book

    I'd like to buy one, too.
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    When did the home table become popular?

    Hi all, I noticed that it seems like most of the top shooters at the rooms I play in have a table at home. In fact, one of them told me you really need a home table if you want to get that good. I know home tables have been around for ages. Didn't Thomas Jefferson have one? And later, Elvis...
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    New Here? - Introduce Yourself

    Hi all, I'm drop_pocket. I just moved back to Arizona, my home state, after 8 years here and there around the country (mostly in the soggy Northwest). My favorite games to play are one pocket and eight ball.