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    Pause in Backstroke, Does It Help, How?

    Check this video by Niels Feijen, 3.32 mins in:
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    Beating a top 100 player in the world???

    I've beaten Marco Teutscher (Fargorate 786, nr. 64) and Ivar Saris (Fargorate 774, nr. 94) a few times in friday night tournaments in our local poolroom (short races & lost way more times to both :)), also played Niels Feijen a couple of times...never beat him though ;)
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    Funny pic/gif thread...

    Similar to a ride in the Efteling (Dutch amusement park), Baron 1898 dive coaster: (onride 360 view, skip to 1m20 for the fun part) :)
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    Turning Stone matches on Youtube

    Does anybody know if the Turning Stone matches will be uploaded to Youtube or Vimeo etc? :thumbup: Thanks!
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    World Pool Masters 2014 predictions!

    Once again a strong field of players! Niels will be looking to defend his title while Shane will make another bid for his first Masters crown. Also, an interesting match-up is Thorsten (not selected for Mosconi) vs Nick (selected for Mosconi). I personally think Niels is gonna take some...