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    What's In The Case: Runde, Lambros, Mezz, Predator, Sowder....

    Back in the day, I loved watching the "What's in the case" videos with Sam Diep. Seeing all the cues/little trinkets professionals carried was incredibly entertaining and opened my eyes to the world of pool equipment. Here is a video of "what's in my case" for everyone to enjoy. I would also...
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    Kamui Roku vs Taom Pyro vs Great White...

    You notice any difference between preflag and the newer master? I've heard mixed things.
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    Kamui Roku vs Taom Pyro vs Great White...

    Wow great idea!
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    Kamui Roku vs Taom Pyro vs Great White...

    Thanks for the compliments. The Roku performed very well and I was impressed with it.
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    Kamui Roku vs Taom Pyro vs Great White...

    The Kamui Roku doesn't have a magnet on the bottom. They do have magnetic chalk attachments you could buy that are really high quality. The magnets on them a STRONG.
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    Kamui Roku vs Taom Pyro vs Great White...

    Since my last chalk video, I received a TON of comments and messages to test various chalks such as the Kamui Roku, Taom Pyro, Great White and more. I've compiled and tested the Top 9 most requested chalks into one video for everyone. I hope you all enjoy the video. Which chalk is your current...
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    Interesting And Weirdly Symmetric 10-Ball Break By Corey Deuel

    This break seems very effective. I've noticed a lot of pros using a similar break at higher speeds.
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    Kielwood shaft the way to go?

    Here's a review of the Hsunami shaft by Richard Hsu (RJH Custom Cues). Has anyone tried the Hsunami shaft or Kielwood shafts? What do you think?
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    Mike Lambros newest LD shaft?

    Mike Lambros has developed a new low deflection shaft. Using 3 full tips of English, the shaft seems to have incredibly low deflection. Video link for everyone:
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    Jacoby BLACK good?

    Video review on the Jacoby Black shaft for those who are interested. What has been your go to shaft?
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    CHALK TEST - Masters vs Exceed vs Predator vs Russian Magic vs Mezz Smart

    Hello everyone, I posted a video of some chalk testing I did. Here is the YouTube Link: Time stamps for those who want to skip around: Introduction - 0:00 Masters Chalk Test - 0:36 Predator Chalk Test - 1:09 Russian Magic Chalk Test - 1:36 Mezz...
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    ~~Custom Made Shaft Sleeves~~

    Custom Made Cue Sleeves -Fits 29” & 30” Butts/Shafts -Prevents chalk getting into your case -Extra layer of protection for your cues -Great for JB cases -Different colors and patterns available for custom orders (pm for pricing) -Jump handle and extensions sleeves available to order -Custom made...
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    Mezz Ignite In-depth Review // Deflection & Sound Test

    Hello everyone, There aren't many video reviews on the Mezz Ignite. Here is an in-depth review of the Ignite for those who are interested:
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    Any reviews out for the OB pheonix shafts?

    Not many reviews out there, would like to hear everyone's opinions.