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    Question on Double Hit foul? Everyone is a physicist now?

    A similar thing happened to me recently in a mom-referreed match. Some young punk insisted I double hit. I said no, I had not. He said he knew he could not force a decision, but he knew I was a cheater, making loud noises. Sharking me, I suppose. Long and short is that when your opponent is...
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    Interesting FB post about FargoRate

    You can also be reverse sandbagged. Years ago I was a reasonable APA 4. In the final two matches in the run up to the tournament I had two 5s throw me the match. Both were 4-0 wins for me, but waaay to easy. Neither opponent could seemingly make a shot. As if by magic I was raised to a 5...
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    Caption This contest for July

    Biden does this and gets a lot of attention. Me, I don't get it.
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    Those waiting for a Diamond Table

    I worked in construction engineering for a long time. You have to plan for and schedule many interrelated parts and activities. The number of unplanned things that can go awry at any step is maddening, but it has the effect of unintentional delays down stream. You learn the trick of swapping...
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    One Pocket Rules Question

    If nothing else I always get a laugh ready the posts in the site. " Stop touching me." / "I'm not touching you." / "Yes you are. MOOooOOooM! He's touching me!" Thanks!
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    Fast cloth question

    Interesting comments about Olhausen. My brother has one and I constantly rattle balls on his table, but don't have that problem on my Diamond. Oddly enough his pockets are larger than mine. I had figured I was just playing crappy at his house.
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    Pool fads?

    Best thing about the Sardo Tight Rack was the girls at the TV table at the DCC using their tight racks. Sardo, of course.
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    Secrets of Pool Hustling.🤯

    Yeeps. Just lost 47 minutes of my life and I'll never get it back!
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    Looking for a simile

    I also happened to be at Talledega for the last race Dale Earndart won there.
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    Looking for a simile

    Conquering the subtleties in any sport are what divides good from great. I was at a NASCAR race in Talledega once when Dale Earnhart was down 14 places with 15 laps to go. He gained a spot every lap and won the race. I was just speechless. Speechless. Driving 180 miles an hour against the...
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    Which is more popular in England? Pool or snooker!

    English billiards is an excellent game to learn skills with cue ball control. You have to modify the table layout slightly for regular pool tables. It is a great practice game. Anyone who hasn't tried it should give it a go.
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    This Forum and Equations

    And I thought pool players were goofs. Now it is all but one!
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    Dumbest thing you’ve done in a match?

    Playing a veteran player once I chose to play a tough combination. Intermediate ball was the 1. After about a minute of studying I bent down and stroked the 1 like a cue ball. Some young girl immediately hollered "He just stroked the 1. Everybody laughed, including me.
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    Dumbest thing you’ve done in a match?

    My brother and I are in our 70s and play league pool. I find it funny that young people don't like to play us because "the old people have too many rules". Plus we typically kick their butts.
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    Could this be the Future of Pool?

    Everybody has scheduling problems. You probably recall Diamond Billiards tried to start a Derby City like tournament in July. After two years it folded because scheduling limited the number of players they could attract. (Word on the street, anyway.)