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    SHAFTS....OB Classic Plus Radial pin, with Nitti rings...Mezz WX700 Radial..

    I have two used in great condition shafts.. OB Classic plus radial pin with Nitti rings, kamui medium tip. Mezz WX700 radial pin with kamui medium tip. Both Shafts were maintained by Chris Nitti $175 each shipped in US with insurance.
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    Predator Cue - PREDATOR Limited Edition Roadline LE 5 Cue

    Lightly used, in great condition, new z3 shaft with Kamui clear medium. Cue weight 19oz. Comes with QR Extension2 8inch... Shipped in the US only with insurance $650.0 No photo description available.
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    MEZZ Hybrid Pro II...Radial Pin

    MEZZ Hybrid Pro II Radial PIN::::Like new condition only played with a couple of times. Had Chris Nitti change out the tip to a Kamui Black medium tip. $170 Shipped USA
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    Need some help on eye pattern and practice strokes\swings?

    I’m having a hard time taking practice strokes and using my eye-pattern. As of now when I’m down on the shot, I have the cue tip as close to the CB as possible and I move my eyes back and forth between the cb and ob. I might make small adjustments, but when I feel locked in, I keep my eyes on...
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    Simonis 860 question..

    Hey guys first off thanks for the help...ok now to it. I just had a table re clothed 9ft gold crown iv with simonis 860 tournament blue and I notice by one of the corner pockets when I run my hand over the table I can feel a slight raised pattern. It feels almost like a piece of thread...
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    Wtb gold crown orlando

    Looking for a Gold Crown in the Orlando area. I would prefer a IV but would consider any model if it's great shape....Thanks
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    8ft table in Orlando for sale

    I have 8ft Fischer for sale in amazing shape. The table has 860 Simonis cloth, the color is trouney blue. I had the table re felted in October, the only reason I’m selling is trying to get a 9ft table. $1100 OBO. PM for pics. Thanks
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    TOI and a Z2 shaft

    If anyone is using TOI with a z2 shaft, if you can post your experiences and any helpful tips on calibrating I would appreciate it.
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    move table in a same room

    Ok I finally convinced the wife to let me have the room that we shared as a den/pool table room to be just a room for the pool table. I need to spin the table 90 degrees and maybe move it a couple of feet and re level. The floors are hard wood and the table is an 8ft Fischer 3 piece slate. Is...
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    FS:Chris Nitti Purple Heart Jump Break.

    For Sale 6 month old Chris Nitti Purple Heart Jump Break cue. Radial Pin 19 oz $350 shipped and insured paypal prefered [img] [img][/url]...
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    question about a predator p3

    I have a z2 shaft for my cue and I like it. A friend of mine has a p3 and the cues shoot similar as far as deflection. I can make the same type of shots with each cue. But his cue definitely has more feedback. When I was shooting with his cue I notice it didn’t have same the numb feeling to...
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    APA question for 9 ball?

    Player A hits the wrong ball out of rotation, all day long it’s a foul. But the cue ball is still moving after the hit and unquestionably going to hit another object ball. Player B snatches the cue ball off of the table while the cue ball is still moving before it hits any other ball. What...
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    KOPY KAT or GTF replica cases

    Does any one know if these come with a shoulder strap??? Thanks
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    another steel radial pin question

    I have a cue with a steel radial pin to wood threads on the shaft. The cue threads on super easy and tightens up just fine, it has never gotten loose on me. I've read about people swelling the threads with water to make the shaft tighter. If the shaft doesn't loosen up while playing do I need...