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    Spitz Cocobolo Merry Widow

    Spitz Cocobolo Merry Widow $600! Spitz custom cue in good shape with some light scratching and imperfections. Cue is really sharp; Cocobolo with some really neat ring work and a nice leather wrap. Will be happy to send more pics/video upon request. PRICE DROP TO $600
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    Kamui Gator Grip

    Is anyone selling a Kamui Gator Grip?
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    WTB Simonis X1

    Looking to buy a Simonis X1 in good condition.
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    WTB: Diamond or Gold Crown Pool Table

    Looking to buy a Diamond or Gold Crown pool table, preferable 9'. Located in southern New Jersey.
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    WTB: Diamond 7' Table

    Looking to buy a 7' Diamond table, preferably ProAm in the South Jersey area.
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    WTB: Diamond 7' Pro-Am

    Looking to buy a 7' Diamond Pro-Am with pro cut pockets; preferably in or near New Jersey. Please PM me if you have something you think may interest me. Thanks.
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    Predator SP6GL

    Selling my Predator Roadline Wrapless Green Sneaky SP6GL. I bought this cue for my girlfriend who only shot with it maybe 2-3 times for about an hour at a time. She doesnt care for the strong taper of the Z shaft or the feel of a wrapless cue. The cue is basically new; I can't really find any...
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    First Custom Cue (Robertson)

    I picked up my first custom cue this weekend at SBE and I could not be happier with the quality of the build and the experience of working with the builder over the past year. The cue has a little back story though that I think is worth sharing. I first met the cue builder (Curtis Robertson) at...
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    Value of Joss cue

    Just curious as to any info anyone might have on this Joss cue. Model, year, value, ect..
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    WTB XXL Pool Shirts

    Just looking for any pool related shirts, size XXL, new and unused..
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    First Custom Cue Questions

    I am looking into having my first custom cue built. Currently I shoot mainly with a Predator and a Schon. I saw some of Curtis Robertson's work at SBE this year and am considering having him build me a cue despite the lack of info I can find on him online. I have a few questions though. What is...
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    Curtis Robertson?

    Does anyone have any knowledge of Curtis Robertson? I am considering having him build me my first custom cue, but there doesn't seem to be much info about him on here.
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    WTB: 3x6 case

    WTB: 3x4, 3x5, or 3x6 case Looking to see what cases are out there for sale. Looking for a 3x6 under $400.00. Really like a lot of what JB instroke, and Justis have to offer. Show me what you have..
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    Who makes this cue?

    I'm out in North Carolina for the weekend and came by a cue in really rough shape at a pawn shop and was wondering if anyone could lend any insight as to who makes it. It has a really different pin.
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    What Schon cue is this?

    Im posting this from my cell phone and hoping it goes through correctly. I found what someone claims is a Schon cue for sale, the seller text me two pics neither are great. Im hoping someone here can help identify this. Thanks!