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    John Barton's Criteria for evaluating a case.

    Old thread but relevant comment: JB Cases have even improved since this thread and they are top notch in every way. Comfortable, great looking and protect your cue better than any other case. Fatboy Approved
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    Actual Brunswick Gold Crown iii vs Brunswick Centurion review

    ibuycues is one of the most respected people in this little world we call pool/AZB. He’s not a railbird talking with hear himself talk. He’s been around the block for probably 45-50 years. He’s also one of the nicest most generous people here. He can walk the walk. When he says something...
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    I'm back

    Welcome back, I took 7 years off AZB, I don’t use the internet much anymore. Pretty much just here. I came back a few months ago-been great. Miss a few people who aren’t here anymore, but AZB is still a wonderful place with good people (mostly) and good fun! Hope you stick around for a while...
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    Paul Huebler

    My first real cue was a H-14
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    Sigel and Strickland 14.1

    At that time mike was not playing any pool at all. He was fishing-notice his tan. He catches a gear and settles in for a solid run in the middle of the match.
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    Sigel and Strickland 14.1

    I watched that match yesterday. Hell of a match for sure. Not the highest level 14.1 but great commentary and both guys played great all things considered. Was fun sweat!
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    'Criminally good' O'Sullivan shot..................

    ‘Twas a throw in…..😳
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    Jim Baxter Shop NOT For Sale .

    I have never been on FB, not sure what I missed, I’m fine without it. Hope all works out for you, you have always had my respect as a cue maker. Best Fatboy PS my dad was raised in Buckley from 1929-1939 roughly. Then he went into WW2.
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    What is this cue worth?

    Thx Jay, I’m still working on my writing. It’s falling into place. However story telling is still a bit difficult for me-or writing a book. Long form stuff is a whole nother school of fish. See Ya soon, I’m in Fla now, then off to SC and Atlanta and home. Best Fatboy 😀🦩
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    Is Schmidt's and charlie 626 Legit

    We are cool Danny. Always have respected you. Not a issue ever. Looking forward to seeing you down the road someday. Wishing you the very best along the way. Fatboy
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    What is this cue worth?

    Is there a difference between the interwebs and internet? 😉 Best Fatboy 😀
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    Archer's Place, Marietta Ga...??

    Me2!!!😂🤣 I never miss, lol
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    Diamond pro am questions

    I miss Rob Sheets….
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    Diamond pro am questions

    Let me see the cost. It’s possible to buy Bwick tables a little back of retail sometimes. Not always but I’ll PM you the number. I’m not selling anything-this is a favor. Best Fatboy
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    Pool stuff you bought🤮, tried or used, and said never again.🤮

    I ripped off a tip with that thing once. Garbage