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    Give a Shout Out to Person(s) Most Influential in Your Pool Life

    Since none of us are getting any younger, I just wanted to give a shout out to a couple of players that were most influential in my early pool playing years: Doc Fletcher (circa late 1960's in Madison, WI) Jerry Briesath (circa early 1970's at Cue-Nique Billiards, where I worked for Jerry)...
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    Behavior of Guests in Your Home

    I don't want to start a rant, but oftentimes I feel that some of my billiard playing guests could display better manners while being a guest at my home. I'd like to hear from those of you who have home tables, or are guests of those who do, and what your likes/dislikes are.
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    Denver area 3 cushion?

    I heard that there is a 3 cushion room over by the Vietnamese restaurants in Denver. I don't live in Denver so I'm not sure but I think it's off of Sheridan or Federal???
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    Carpooling - A new twist

    This product seems to answer a question that nobody asked. Depending on the shot and the car, players may want to start wearing a cup. [/URL][/IMG]
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    Santa is here right now!!!

    At my house playing 9 ball banks...
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    Poll: Getting High (pot) and Playing Pool

    As of Jan. 1st, 2014, Colorado will be the first state to allow legal, recreational use of marijauana. How does marijuana usage affect your game?
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    Colorado Springs - where to play?

    Hopefully I'll be shooting some pool or 3 cushion today while the rest of the family goes to Santa's Wonderland. Are there any tournaments on Sundays? What are the good rooms in CS? Thanks
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    Rail Interchangeability

    I have a Brunswick GC4 9ft pool table and would like to know if the Brunswick GCx Carom table rails will fit on the GC4 pool table?
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    Help! Pool is making me a cripple!!

    Help!!!! Sciatica is crippling me and playing pool seems to make it worse. I have never had sciatica issues until the past few months. It started out that if I played for awhile (4-5 hours, for example) all of a sudden I'd feel a sharp pain in my hip. I would then try to keep on playing. I...
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    Confirm Cue ID

    I know what the owner of this cue says, but does anyone else have an opinion as to its maker? I am not trying to be cryptic, I'd just like an unbiased ID. Sorry for the cell pics quality. Thanks
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    Old cue needs new shaft

    My buddy has an old cue. He would like to get a new shaft for it but would like it to match the patina on the butt section. Any recs on who to have do the job on this old cue?
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    Switching over to 3 cushion?

    Has anyone here gotten rid of their regular pool table and gotten a 3 cushion table? If so, did your buddies still come over and play? I've had a nice Gold Crown IV in my home for a few years and probably use it 3 or 4 times per week...usually with the same shooting buddy. I have a local pool...
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    Recreational Gambling on the Rise?

    Is anyone else noticing that it is getting easier to find people that want to play for something these days? It almost seems like many older guys are dusting off their cues and after reading one of the plethora of "My Road Story" books want to bet some.
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    Warped rails making slate pop up?

    My buddy has a 9Ft. Brunswick Barrington, purchased new about 3 years ago. His installer is saying that he can't keep the slates together because the rails are this a possibility? The installer says that Brunswick won't give him new rails. Is there any easy way to see how true the...
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    Search help needed

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