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    Meucci FS Need Help

    Haven't been on in a while and all is well with everyone. I have a cue a friend has had for sometime (she stated 20 years) and I am not familiar with the model. Any help with identification and offers are appreciated. Thanks, Dom
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    Predator and Break Cue F/S

    Good Morning, have not posted for some time, holidays kept me busy!! My friend gave me these cues before Christmas to sell for him, but I just never got to it! Sorry Buddy! I have a 19.0oz Predator SP in like new condition with the 314-2 shaft. For some reason my scale gives me 15.0oz on the...
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    WTB Prather SP

    Looking for a Prather Sneaky any woods with the 3/8x11 pin. Condition used to well used....on the cheap. Thanks!
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    WTT / WTS Predator LE

    Well, I really wanted to play with this cue, but I can't go back, too use to the Maple shafts now.... This is a great Predator LE2 Roadline #115/150 made. Out of production. 58" cue, 18.50oz, 12.75mm unaltered new. Looking for interesting full splice trades with veneers, no metal...
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    FS Custom

    I have had this one in a case for a little while. I took it out this past week to play a few racks to see how it played. It is a solid hitting cue, and even with the $.50 tip, it could move the cue ball with ease. I am going to be getting a few more of Marcos cues and wanted to offer this one at...
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    Lucasi with a Bonus Shaft

    I have this up for sale. Playing shaft is 12.75mm the break shaft is 13mm. The cue is straight together and apart. The break shaft has a slight taper roll but the tip stays on the table. Total weight is 19oz with either shaft.....the playing tip is an ultra skin medium....$220 conus. SOLD
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    Justis FS FT May trade for nice Sneaky and cash.KSold Pending Payment Thanks, Dom
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    WTB Leather Wraps

    Good Morning, I am looking for some black Lizard and or soft gator print leathers wraps. I can get products from Tiger for $14.00. Just looking to see if we have anyone out there selling these items. Thanks, Dom
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    New Cue FS Turquoise

    I have cue built by MacKoy Mangolari. MacKoy apprenticed under the late Edwin Reyes starting at age 14 and had worked with Linds and Giant Cue Manila with Ron Bernardo after the Passing of Dindo Perez. Buttsleeve and Forearm: Curly Narra cored with Ebony, with 4 points of maple with arrowheads...
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    New Cue FS

    Check out this listing, feel free to make offers through PM. Thanks! Dom
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    Sweet Little Butterfly

    I have a very slightly used cue from the shop of Dindo Perez and Ron built just before Ron's death. It was a personal cue of a family member. The cue is Ebony and Curly Narra with butterfly veneers of Yellow / Red / Blue. With Turquoise Diamond inlays. Ivorine Joint collars and butt cap. The...
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    FS 6pt Wrapless

    Here is another of Steve's designs. This is 6pt, 3 high and three low with Black/Green/natural veneers in a SW style done in Ebony and Purpleheart. Handle is Curly Narra. Specs: butt: 14.8oz (Natural weight) shaft: 4.1oz at 13mm+ Ivorine flat face joint with 3/8x10 pin. 58" length. sold conus...
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    FS SW Style

    I received a few cues from Steve, here is one I am offering up today. 4 Purpleheart Points in straight maple with with yellow and lime veneers in a somewhat SW design with a lizard textured wrap. Specs: Butt - 14.3oz (natural weight) Shafts - 4.2oz (Both the same weight at 13mm) 3/8x10 wood to...
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    WTB Predator 3/8x10

    WTB Predator or OB 3/8x10 Shaft Looking for any Predator or OB 3/8x10 in any condition. Can be any model. Will pay $ based on condition. Thanks, Dom
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    Sweet Little Butterfly

    Just aquired this one, sweet work. Love how the veneers fall into place on the butterflies.