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    Looking for Omega/DPK cue with original full shafts

    Anyone looking to sell theirs? Please feel free to text me at 832 867 8701
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    Clean your balls! Compact pool ball cleaner FOR SALE

    Sold thanks......
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    Weekly tournaments in the bay area worth going to?

    Hey guys, any of you know of any weekly tournaments in the bay area? Visiting for work and would like to hit some balls! Thanks
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    Inexpensive pool ball CLEANER! originally $120 but buy only for $65 shipped

    Hi AZB, I bought this pool ball cleaner a while back off ebay for $100 + $20 for shipping. It works really well however I have seen been given a diamond ball cleaner and do not need this anymore. Here is a link to the ebay listing of who I originally purchased this product from...
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    The ref for the Shaw vs Ko Match should never be allowed to ref a match ever again

    Regardless of my bet or anything else it is completely unfair that the ref re-racked the balls for Shaw and not when Ko asked for it. It should be even rules for both players, either re-rack for both or not at all. Come f*cking on man. This is supposed to be a pro event. Get someone that...
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    Pool room and weekly tournament request: northern Virginia

    I'm in Tyson's corner for work and wondering if there are any nice spots with weekly tournaments?
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    SouthWest Gaboon on Gaboon RARE cue (I'll be at BCA Nationals)

    deleted and made new thread
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    *** Southwest cue GABOON EBONY NOSE with purpleheart points ***

    This sw cue is in great condition and is a monster player. Laurie stop making gaboon cues a while back and the values of this type of cue continues to climb in value! When I hit with this cue I had to buy it immediately. Unfortunately, I am in a position today in which I have to sell. The cue is...
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    SouthWest Ebony Nose with (2) 13mm Shafts & LOA for $5,500

    Hello AZb'ers, I have a SW cue ebony nose for sale. I priced it to sell since its very difficult to find a ebony nosed SW cue nowadays and if they do pop up it sells instantly. Here is your chance to get one at a very reasonable price. Remember, SW is one of the few cues that retain and...
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    Are Predator sponsored pros using the Revo shaft for breaking?

    I have noticed Carlo Biado, Billy Thorpe and other sponsored pro's using a black shaft for breaking. I'm assuming its the Revo shaft since these players are Predator sponsored players. My question though is are they using the standard 12.9 Revo shafts or is this a prototype of break cue/shaft...
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    Us open: the last three matches of the tournament was god level pool

    I cannot believe the level of play I witnessed this week. Just wow.....
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    US OPEN: This breaking format is killing me...

    Dear Pat, The stream matches have been unbearable to watch. What's the point of making a tournament winner break if pretty much no one has a chance to putting a package together.... Nine ball on the spot, mini break box AND you have to pot or get 3 balls past the head string..... At times...