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    RCB 9-ball Finals getting ready to kick off

    Come on by and see the Final action getting ready to stream!!! Bar box action race to 11!
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    Great Southern Billiard Tour LIVE NOW!!!!!!

    Here ya go Upstate!
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    Big Dog is Streaming Live Now!!!

    Stop by and see the action here:
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    TV Mike is Streaming live now!!!

    Come join the pool action here:
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    Is Life A Box of Chocolate
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    Great Stream from Cali.

    Those 4" pockets can be brutal!
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    Hypothetical Survey

    Let's say you worked for years trying to find a way to put a positive image on pool and saw live streaming as an avenue to do just that. You run across someone with streaming experience that you adamantly thought felt the same way as you and had been wanting to pursue things as a full time job...
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    Fast Lenny streaming Live 9-ball tournament

    Hello everyone! Just wanted to post the live stream from Kolbys that Lenny is streaming! Please stop by :thumbup:
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    Happy Birthday Sharken

    Just wanted to wish Sharken a :happy-birthday: ! May you have many more! :happydance: Your friend, Gamma
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    Fast Lenny/OTR is giving free prizes away!

    Hello Everyone! Just wanting to let everyone know that OTR was giving away some good prizes to win last night! Fast Lenny would ask a question, pool related of course:D, and the first person in the chat to give the correct answer would win that prize! I got lucky to win...
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    What Shape Is Your Tip?

    Was kind of curious to see what size, nickle, dime, etc, other players shape thier tips. I use a nickle shape personally, but use a quarter shape on my break-cue. I am going to use the poll for players to choose thier shape. I would like to see if any top players would also participate in this...
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    Anyone interested in Blue Diamond Chalk

    Hello Sports Fans, I would like to know how many players would be interested in purchasing some Blue Diamond chalk at a good price. If I could get enough responses/commitments, I would give you guys a price of $5.50 for 2-pieces- That is $1.50 savings! This is absolutely the best chalk on the...
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    Need recommendation for jump cue ferrule

    I am kind of in a dilemma on what material/s would be best for a jump-cue. I have a Fury jump-break cue/13mm shaft which I just want to use for only jump shots just using the handle part that screws into the shaft, and was deciding between the phenolic ferrule/tip combo and the G-10 ferrule/tip...
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    Congratulations to Jasmin Ouschan

    Just wanted to commend Jasim for her win in the WPBA Great Lakes Classic event! Way to go girl!:dance: Good luck in the future!
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    Shaft Question

    I am thinking about buying a new Tiger X Ultra high performance shaft. I have a radial pin, so I am wondering if this shaft would be the best choice or should I consider one of the other brands such as Predator, Dominator II, etc. Any advice would be helpful! Thanks!