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    old fat short bald....same old!

    old fat short bald....same old!
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    Prime age for pool players

    It depends on the game. 9ball, 10ball etc. is a younger dudes game. One pocket, and 14.1 your prime is about mid 50's. Not from my mouth, but said by Allen Hopkins while I was being hammered by him at a 14.1 tourny. The statement was agreed with by a few rail birds....Mike Sigel, Florida Bob...
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    1966 Brunswick 10 foot Gold Crown 3 cusion table $500

    SOLD!...thanx Ian That's right! I am offering my 3C table to the first one who comes and gets it for $500. It is in excellent condition, has the optional side skirts included and the Simonis cloth is about 60%. The rails play true and the table is a joy to play on. I am in the 19525 area of...
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    Boston Victory (GC4 copy) 9 footer gotta go CHEAP!

    Hi everyone, Here is my Boston Victory table for sale and it needs to go to make room for a milling machine. I'm including the table, Aramith Tourny ball set, bridge, rack, cover etc. hell I'll throw in a bucket ball cleaner too! All you need is $750 and a buddy to help get it out and it is all...
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    cleaning a garage sale find?

    Hi guys, I found this old set of balls at a yard sale, but they are dirty and have surface scratches? Anyway I think I am going to put them in the dishwasher to clean because the sand paper I used didn't get the marks off? not sure why? They are also a little smaller then my Aramiths for some...
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    Hand Position

    Hi folks! Over the last few weeks I have been testing a bunch of ways to improve my 3C game. If you try a search on my name in AZB you will find some pretty good info IMO among a few drunken rants.....mixed in with some valuable insight on the game we all love to play! As of late I have found...
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    # cushion action?

    Hi guys, I have been playing a bunch of 3c lately and I am hard pressed to find action stories about the game? I get it that it is a game played by "gentlemen" wearing bow ties and a vest and all that, BUT there HAS to be some good action tales out The game lends itself to action...
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    Defense for a change?

    Today my teacher and I had 2 EPIC defensive battles to 20 points......took 4-1/2 hours! I play, as he sais....WAY too loose, and I leave too much when I miss. So, I am learning the art of defense....separating the red and my CB from his, and shooting at a speed "just to make the hit".... It is...
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    cue makers/joint collar issue

    Hi everyone, Yesterday while playing my cue felt a little weird. After an inspection, I found the joint collar on my (no good can come from naming the maker IMO) had become loose? So, I went out to my shop and unscrewed the collar to find a standard stainless steel threaded joint collar...
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    R.I.P. Pete Sinkler

    We lost a great friend to the game in Pete Sinkler last night. Our thoughts and prayers go out Petey his son and his family. For those of us who got to hang out with, work for, and get to know Pete, I can only laugh when I think of him! :) He was a wonderfully funny dude, and EVERYTHING was...
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    Wanna play?

    Hey so, anyone wanna play today? I am thinking of going down to Classics Billiards today to hit some on the Kronos. I know it is the last day of SBE, but maybe someone out there...before going home can teach me a thing or 10? :) Let me know... G.
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    Way to go dave!

    I went to classics billiards today for my weekly ass whooping on the Kronus 3c table when my instructor Cigar Dave Gargus showed me the nice Hanbat cue he won playing a challenge match against Mazin Shooni! :) Dave is a great instructor/ player so it is not a big surprise, but I had to give him...
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    I was down at classics billiards today near the expo and saw Scott Lee giving lessons, and John Morra hitting balls with a stunning young lady, and heard SVB was in action there last night......tonight is maybe Darren Appleton in action! get on down there and check it out! Gerry
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    Stone Henge and 40million $

    OK, So I am sitting here having coffee, watching the history channel and they are showing a group of universities that got a $40 MILLION dollar grant to do a computerized reconstruction of stone henge so we can all see what it looked like from the beginning of time til now. I mean it's cool and...
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    interesting shaft experiment

    Last week I chipped the ferrule on my OB2 shaft and it left nothing to install a new tip/ferrule on to. So, I set up my ghetto lathe and cut the shaft below the ferrule removing a total of 1-1/4" off factory length. Next I cut a 3/8" tenon and installed a cut down non-capped Ivorine 3 ferrule...