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    Hey, Everybody, I got a little bug on and want to buy one of my old cues back. I won my first two world championships with it and it has my name in the butt cap. So, I am reaching out to anyone who might know the person that bought the cue. Can anyone help me? Thanks, Ray
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    Fraudulent Representation of Szamboti Cue

    The seller of a cue is using my name, Ray Martin, to sell what he says is a Szamboti cue on eBay. He is asking $13,000 for it and he says Gus made it for me. This is false information. Gus never made that cue for me. He is posting it as a one of a kind. I notified eBay and they said they...
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    Moved to Raleigh N.C.

    Hi everyone out in AZ world,just to let you know i have moved to Raleigh N.C. if you would like to contact me my number is still 727 798 5561 or post on AZ. Ray Martin
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    Pool Secrets from a World Champion

    My DVD is now available at Ray Martin
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    Ray Martin's DVD

    My DVD is now available at I hope you all learn a lot from it. Ray
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    Ray Martin DVD

    I just finished a DVD with a lot of good information that I have never seen on a DVD before. I filmed it in AZ with It should be out in the fall. Give me some feedback if you watch it. Ray
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    Moving to Raliegh NC.

    Raliegh nc To anyone living in Raliegh nc. Thinking about moving there can someone share info about the area? Ray Martin
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    Mike if you read this i got the photo's,but i am not sure how you want me to sign them. RAY
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    Ray Martin Sets the Record Straight

    I've been hearing for a long time now that my lessons are too expensive and that I do not teach all levels of players. To set the record straight - I charge $50 per hour in my home for any level of player. If I need to travel, costs change accordingly. This runs about the same as group...
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    I don't know if this is the correct place to say this,but here goes. It has come to my attention that the people in the pool world believe that my lessons are expensive,they are approx the same as group lessons,the price per 50.00 so i hope this clears up any confusion. Thank you RAY MARTIN
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    Billiard Clinic

    I am going to be giving a 4 hour clinic (2 2-hour sessions) in The Last Resort in Delray Beach, FL, on February 23. Hours are 10-12 a.m. and 1-3p.m. Bring your cues. Cost is $150 payable in advance. Hours 1 and 2 - Demo of 8-, 9-ball, 14.1, or whatever the majority of the group selects...