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    Cue ID Please

    With a wrap channel that deep, I'd say its a cheap cue that had the tennis racket type grip on it.
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    Helmstetter TJ

    Did Helmstetter ever move? First I've heard of it.
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    What’s the Best Way ?

    Bank with low left to try to leave the cue long in case I miss. But I'm a banger.
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    Can you decipher this signature?

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    Vegan Pool

    When using english, they don't leave mushroom for error before a miscue.
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    Sharing passages from your billiard texts

    I kind of get what you're saying. The thing you may want to rethink is your last line in, "product placement". Not sure of your placement.
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    Conditions to participate in the upcoming U.S. Open

    Contra proferentem...latin legal term. I'll take the odds...
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    What would you do here?

    Draw gives you A, B, C, and D.
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    60's maple TAD

    My favorite style of merry widow! The thick fancy ring in the butt makes it.
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    Note To Self

    Drunk note taking
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    Pool Pitch: Pool the cleanest sport.

    Asinine is a favorite word of mine.
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    Does it get boring playing the same people over and over?

    I get tired of my dad whooping me everytime I visit 😆
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    Who promotes billiards better pro men or pro women?

    Who cares? Watch or don't.
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    Threads For Strickland Signature Cuetec?

    Pretty sure my Cuetec from the late 90s was 5/16x18. Poat a picture.