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    PPV+ 2021 International Open 9B, 1P, BigFoot 10B, JIC. All Table Stream Passes Now On Sale!

    Hi. Just for clarification. What does all table streaming mean? does it mean that I watch many games simultaneously? I would open a different window for each match?
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    Stream for Pro Billiard series in Vegas

    Does anyone have a link to the stream ? This tournament here now ongoing....
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    Northern Ireland Coverage

    Does anyone know where you can watch the NI Open? TV or stream coverage? thanks
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    PPV-$2500 Added Racks on the Rocks Open Nine Ball. August 13th-14th-15th

    Terry, is there a players list for the Racks on the rocks?
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    Are professionals supposed to call fouls on themselves?

    The vast majority of professionals would call their own fouls. Its about karma. You don't want the fact that you cheated to be on your mind. Same in snooker.
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    Alex Pagulayan vs DJ McGinley

    Does anyone know what happened with this match? Was it ever streamed?
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    Can someone explain this (Alex vs Gomez)

    The rule on the break was that you had to have 3 balls hit rails. Which isnt much. 1P games have that. It was a mistake to play 1P style with Alex. If hes an 8 ball player he should break and run out cuz Alex doesnt break as well as he moves.
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    Can someone explain this (Alex vs Gomez)

    Reyez Gomez did not simply make the 5 and the 8 for the win. Instead he knocks out the 5 taking a scratch leaving Alex BIH for an easy run out. The commentators seemed to say this is the right move. What are the rules here?
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    May 19-20 Efren Reyes vs Justin Bergman 15 ball Rotation and One Pocket

    Is it possible to watch a repeat?
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    Way too many byes (or walkovers) at the world pool masters

    Definitely. That was a surprise. Maybe Sky could have picked whoever he wanted so he chose his mullet head cousin:D
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    Way too many byes (or walkovers) at the world pool masters

    Morra didnt make it to the UK either. 2 other Canadians were supposed to replace them but then they didnt show up. But Morra is in the US. He just got 3rd in a 1 pocket tournament. Alex was missing again.......
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    Way too many byes (or walkovers) at the world pool masters

    So it was maxed at 24? If you're going to increase the number of players why not to 32? btw ...where's Alex? :rolleyes: (who was also mia at world cup of pool fully taken advantage by GB-C)
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    Way too many byes (or walkovers) at the world pool masters

    Why is that? The obvious reason is covid . but still they couldnt fill up the draw?
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    Any updates? score?