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    Tyler, Tx.

    Hey guys, I may be moving back to the Tyler area, will be nice to see all the old friends again. I'll see ya'll at Click's.---Smitty
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    Did I do wrong?

    Here is what happened and need to know your thoughts. Yesterday was playing one pocket with some friends and this family comes in with 2 kids, I'd say 5 and 7 years old. They sit them down at a serving table and the kids start doing homework. There was a guy talking to a girl close by and every...
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    Texas Open

    Anyone know the site to go to for the brackets?--Smitty
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    Brackets for Bogie's tournament

    Can someone post a link to the brackets at the tournament at Bogie's or give a update as to the results. Thanks.--Smitty
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    King Cobra

    Haven't heard from King Cobra, where is he at?---Smitty
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    Makers of pool tables

    Need a little help, I saw a pool table that I thought it said the maker was Raddison or something like that. Does anyone know who what their name is, I think it is made outside the US.---Smitty
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    Moving to Natchez

    Well it I will be moving to Natchez, Ms. around the first of Sept. going to have to find a place to shoot some pool, mainly one pocket. Anyone with any ideas, I would be most grateful.---Smitty
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    BCA brackets

    Anyone know where to find the brackets for the BCA tournament.---Smitty
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    Poolhalls in Natchez, Miss.

    Where are some places to play in Natchez, Ms. Do they have 9 footers and any 1P players. Might be headed that way, my wife has been offered a job there.---Smitty
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    Winner of Legends Tournament

    Can anyone fill me in on the winners of the 9-Ball tournament at Legends in League City last weekend? Thanks in advance.--Smitty
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    9-Ball Tournament

    Hey fella AZ'ers the Golden Cue in Odessa, Tx. is having a 9 ball tourney next Sat. $60. 00 entry. might be 40 playerd already signed up. I shoot at this poolhall and the equipment is first class. Will be played on 8 ft. Brunswick with 860 Simonis. Phone no. is 432-337-9328---- Smitty
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    Feb. tournament at Legends

    Anyone know the results of Mindy's tournament at Legends that was held in February. --Smitty
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    Poolhall near Bogey's

    What is the name of the other poolhall by Bogey's in Houston?---Smitty
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    Rusty's on Camp Bowie, Ft. Worth

    I am going to be at Rusty's on Camp Bowie today 11/24/ if anyone wants to play some cheap[10 -20] a game 1P. Guess I would even play for fun if you want, but its hard to play good 1hole without something riding on the game. I will be there at noon---Smitty
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    Rusty's on Camp Bowie in Ft. Worth

    Can someone tell me what time Rusty's opens on a Sat. and during the week. Going to be near there over Thanksgiving and thought I would stop by and play some 1P.---Smitty