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    What is the best pool cue joint/pin type?

    My very first cue that I owned was a two piece Dufferin back in the 1960's. Played with it for fact still own it for sentimental reasons. First decent production cue was a Predator 4K-3 with a Uni-Lock joint. It was great for the first six months, then even with periodic cleaning it...
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    F.S. Basic Cue Repair Lathe

    Hey much for a bearing mount steady rest instead of a cloth lined steady rest for house cues? Just the mount.....not the complete lathe package?
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    Milk Dud Tips my tips in the mail today. Thanks for a great transaction, cant wait to install and try them out. dont know how to PM you on this new forum format ...can someone explain this to me...I am a computer
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    Universal Tip Centralizer

    Olaf...I sent you a pm a few days ago about the instructional video urls. Please PM me
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    Dan Dishaw

    Could someone please PM me Dan Dishaw's email address, I would like to contact him. His website only offers a telephone number. Thanks in advance Headmuses
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    Table Mechanic in the Kokomo Indiana area

    Who is in the area able to give my son an estimate to recloth and level a table. Thanks Headmuses
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    Any information on this Tiffany table is appreciated

    Fellow AZ members, my son just purchased a house in Indiana. The owners left a pool table in the house and I have never heard of a Tiffany pool table before. Googled it with no success. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Regards Walt.
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    Looking for a 314 Cat or 314-2 Radial, Black collar

    Looking for a very very good to mint condition 314 Cat or 314-2 must meet original specs and must be straight. No dings, scratches or scrapes please. What's our there AZ'ers?
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    Mistaken Identity Not on Ebay

    Classic case of mistaken identity, not an Ebay auction, but I didn't know where to post. LOL ;);)
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    Anyone interested in old Brunswick cues?

    Found this on a local listing, these cues are near Niagara Falls Ontario Canada. Not my ad, just caught my eye. Headmuses.
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    Porper Big Shaver For Sale Used only a couple of times...excellent condition
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    Porper Big Shaver For Sale

    Excellent condition...only used a few times. $60.00 plus shipping.
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    McDermott Identity Needed

    A friend of mine has this cue made by McDermott in the nineties. It was a custom order by my friend, I apologize for the bad photo's. The cost for this cue was over $1000 originally. Anyone ever seen or know the model number of it. The white is ivory. Stainless Steel joint and McDermott quick...
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    Large Bore Headstock?

    Anyone have a large bore headstock fitted with a four jaw chuck that will fit on to a Taig Lathe Bed and is sitting around collecting dust and wants to get rid of it please PM me. Thanks
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    Kevin Varney BEM/Purple Heart Cue Review

    Well, I have had this cue for about three weeks now, and let me tell you, it usually takes me quite a while (months) to get used to a cue. This one however feels like I have played with it for a very long time. I just feel the hit and balance was custom made for me, but the truth is I purchased...