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    Deuel draw shot 2003 Mosconi cup

    Been looking for this shot for awhile and just found the video uploaded. Deuel pushes to straight-in on the 2, draws it table length from being frozen on the head rail!
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    Places to play in Oxford UK?

    Hello, I currently find myself in Oxford in the UK near the university. Can some UK friends tell me a good place to play in the area, either snooker, pool, or english pool? Thanks!
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    10 Common Mistakes by Danny Diliberto

    Nothing earth shattering but it never hurts to hear good advice! -Too Loose Bridge Hand (Must be firm) -Not Enough Warm Up Strokes (these strokes create looseness) -Releasing Bridge Fingers Before Follow Through is Complete -Jumping Up Before Follow Through is Complete -Butt of Cue Too High...
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    Cool Old photos of Bata and Filipino players

    Came across these:
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    Efren Reyes vs. Evgeny Stalev one-pocket
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    Charlie Rose show with Sigel, Mizerak, Balukas, Crimi

    Don't know if this was posted before:
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    Chris's Billiards

    I just got back from Chris's Billiards in Chicago and it was fantastic. The place has the slightly grimy feel of a pool room from a bygone era, I played Larry Schwartz of Billiards Digest some 9-Ball, and watched Chris Gentile playing 3-cushion (!). I've been to pool rooms with nicer decor but...
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    snooker, pyramid, carom cue makers and pool cues?

    Does anyone have experience with pool cues from cue makers that specialize in other disciplines but also build pool cues? For example, John Parris is known for snooker cues but also builds pool cues, as does the pyramid cue maker Efremov. I'm curious about how a pool cue from one of these...
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    Who won Joss Tour even at Snookers this weekend?

    I was planning on going and didn't make it down there, can anyone tell me who won the Joss Tour Hall of Fame tourney at Snooker's in RI? Any big names show up? Just want to know what I missed.....
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    Info on Stalev at DCC?

    I couldn't find any info on the forums about Stalev's reappearance at this year's dcc. Can anyone give an update on how he did? He seems to have finished in the running with the big names. Is he still playing as sharp as we remember him? Was he in action this year? Any info would be...
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    Russian Pyramid runout

    I've never seen a video of anyone running out in Russian pyramid before seeing this guy: They are playing with a variant of the rules where if you pocket the (black) cueball on a scratch you get ball in hand and get to drop a white ball. First to...
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    The old forum days

    Does anyone remember how wild the forums were a few years back, maybe before azb dominated? rec.billiards and the billiardsdigest forums had profanity, insanity, Fast Larry, and real-time accounts of shady gambling sessions. I started reading those forums when I first got into pool and they...
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    Ronnie O'Sullivan asks for a nosh Hahaha go to 1:55, great stuff.
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    Al Lapena

    This filipino has an absolutely killer game on par with his more famous countrymen. Does anyone know when he came over, if he is a house pro somewhere, or have any stories?
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    Haha doping in pool