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    Mezz United Joint

    A flat face 5/16-14 shaft will screw onto United pin without a problem. My Jacoby BLaCk shafts with their standard 5/16-14 pilot will screw onto my United pins just fine. That’s my experience with trying to use a United pin with a 5/16-14 shaft. My United jointed shafts screw on universally to...
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    How My YOUTUBE Channel Got HACKED … Don’t Let This Happen to You, With Any Online Accounts

    You were not hacked. The proper term is phished. To get hacked in today’s world is near impossible. Phishing on the other hand is simple.
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    Seyberts customer service

    That’s laughable, they still haven’t gotten back to my inquiries about if they’ll ever have certain products back in stock.
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    Juma for Joints?

    Technically speaking thermoform is the method in which the plastic is melted and either extruded or formed. In which I should say juma is a thermoformed plastic. Because we’re talking about a sold product and not the pellets used to make it.
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    Juma for Joints?

    Sorry but no. Both are plastics, ones a thermoset and ones thermoform.
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    Juma for Joints?

    That’s quite the projection there. Do yourself a favor and let us do the thinking. Never said anything to imply anything else but the fact that a thermoform plastic melts. Might want to look in the mirror if you think I was attacking you.
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    Juma for Joints?

    Compared to phenolic, yes it is. And go torch a pin loose, that shit melts.
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    One Pocket Rules Question

    Obviously you have a small comprehension problem going on. It seems there is a level of reading you’re not willing to do. What you wrote, and what you implied are two different things. Read only what I quoted and ask yourself if that’s what you meant. Because it doesn’t match up with the rest of...
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    One Pocket Rules Question

    Are you sure? Because that explicitly is implying that you’re refreezing balls after turns have been made after the ball was spotted up and froze. What a nit.
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    One Pocket Rules Question

    Then you might want to reread your post I originally quoted. You’re sounding like a nit right now.
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    One Pocket Rules Question

    If the ball was never frozen in the first place, that’s a little bit a different subject to argue about. But you’re saying that if we’re playing and a ball is spotted and froze to an adjoining ball and we agree on that. Then two turns later it’s not frozen and you’re wanting to refreeze it...
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    One Pocket Rules Question

    And there is no rule that states once a spotted ball is properly back in play, frozen to a ball, that the ball must remain frozen to that ball. And only a nit would argue that it should be refrozen.
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    LTB Zan Hybrid Max

    Everyone else but MezzUSA didn’t respond to me when I inquired. MezzUSA said they would have them late June. Currently their site seems to indicate they have them in stock.
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    Break Tip

    Has that person ever had their break speed measured? I’d say most people who don’t like the new tips have slower break speeds, along with a terrible acceleration. They miscue because of their stroke and then blame the tip. A pressed Water Buffalo tip will be pretty hard in the end and will make...
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    What type of tenon?

    Could you wipe the tip off and show a ‘front’ view instead of a side view.