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    Still haven't hit a ball with a carbon fiber shaft.

    Of course. And it gets so doggone cold where you live I might NEED to bring a synthetic cue to avoid warpage haha
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    Still haven't hit a ball with a carbon fiber shaft.

    I got one for my three cushion cue months ago and put a few hours into it before deciding I don't like it half as much as my wood shaft. Wish I'd spent the money on something else. I guess I CAN get used to it, but there was hardly anything magical about it.
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    Is a Carbon Fiber pool shaft strong enough for 3c?

    Several custom and production carom cues now have carbon fiber offerings. I own one and while I'm not yet in love with it, it ain't cause it's weak.
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    Neat Home Game

    Derp, just realized they are each playing in their respective home. Also neat.
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    Neat Home Game

    Came across a cool video of Dani and Semih playing in one of their homes. I assume it's Semih's, since the table is of Turkish make and Dani does/did have his own brand. Home Game 2020 by 🇪🇸 Daniel Sanchez vs. 🇹🇷 Semih Sayginer at 3 cushion billiard. - YouTube
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    Buddy Guy, Pool Player

    To this day Buddy is the best live show I've ever seen. He tells a funny story in an interview that he tried to teach his son to play but of course the kid assumed Buddy didn't know enough to teach him. Years later the son says, 'Dad, I asked Clapton, Stevie Ray and a bunch of others who...
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    Deflection Question

    Watching the old Mcreery video someone mention in another thread, the shot at 10:30 got me wondering -- how much 'deflection' are we seeing in this shot? I suppose I ask from the perspective of a guy who has read all the high deflection, low...
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    This is what pool does to you

    Can't pass up a chance to insert Fear and Loathing here ...
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    Getting Serious About Some Systems

    I've decided to focus on learning some three cushion systems in a more dedicated way than I have previously, between the recent threads on systems here and the fact that a health issue will soon keep me confined to my home for several months in 2020 (with a 10' Gabriels in my billiard room --...
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    Virtual Games

    So, a couple years ago I saw an ad for a ceiling-mounted projector system that Caudron endorsed that let you laser-mark and recreate ball position to play against folks in another location. Kind of like the old chess matches by mail, I took it as. It got me wondering if any of y'all here would...
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    Art Thread From Recent Past?

    Does anyone remember the thread from this forum that had a link to several pages of billiards-related artwork? I recall really wanting to buy and frame some of them, and even thought I remembered posting a comment or two in that thread, but I can't seem to find it. I've tried searching and...
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    Different Disciplines - Different Tips?

    I need to have a tip put on a cue I bought from a forum member here. It's a small, light cue designed for straight rail, and it got me wondering -- do players use different tip hardness for different disciplines of carom? My primary 3 cushion Kilby cue came with Moori mediums that I love and...
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    Ball Size - What a Difference

    Goofy thread to start, but I found my old set of Aramiths I used to play English Billiards when I lived in New Zealand and Australia for a few years. Threw 'em on the Gabriels and WOW, what a difference! I sure didn't think they were so small at the time I was using them every day ...
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    How Often Do You Chalk?

    I'm sure this has been asked before, but with the ever-changing nature of equipment I'd like to ask again -- -- -- How often do you find yourself chalking your cue? In the past I regularly played cheaper cues, usually with LePro tips for cost savings. I chalked about as regularly with those...
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    Boston Players

    I'll be in Boston a few days the second week of May for work. Anyone around interested in meeting up someplace to hit a few? I don't really feel much like doing the whole 'dig through the Places to Play guides, hope something works' thing ... I just don't seem to have much luck with that...