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    Veghel World Cup - statistical improbabilities

    Holy cow! Those are interesting, thanks.
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    Brunswick table?

    Holy cow, 24 points ...
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    Bob Letherby passes away

    Haha what a great story! Sounds like a real cool guy.
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    Blues music and One Pocket

    Buddy is king. Saw him in West Palm around 2005/2006 and it may be the best show I've ever seen. He had the Strat and mic on wireless, was running out to the lobby, flirting with the girls in the concession stand, running out into traffic on A1A and talking to motorists. It was frigging high...
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    USBA Nationals Streamed Live from Downers Grove, Ill 9/9 thru 9/11

    Holy cow that Kang Lee plays well! And I see him on YouTube also playing 10 ball in the 2022 Arcadia Arizona Open also...
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    Coming together for a forum member having a rough time

    Donated. But worth more than my $ is the advice that you are almost NEVER on the hook to pay the entirety of medical bills in one fell swoop. Hospitals are deperate to get payment any way they can, and I have set up years-long payments plans for services into the $10k+ range. They are just...
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    Awesome Blomdahl Video

    Put me in the camp of people who love his commentary. I'd love to see a compiled list of all videos where his commentary can be heard. I have a paid Kozoom subscription and I've started to pore over the matches there to make that list - if anyone has other sources like YouTube links feel free...
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    Funny pic/gif thread...

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    The World Games 2022, Birmingham, AL

    That's a great offer and at $5/gallon I think you're entitled to expect a little 'help'!
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    Reyes & Parica Rivalry

    And yeah, Efren also plays high class billiards (straight rail, balkline and three cushion).
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    Carom tables in Canada?

    Congrats! Pricey worth it. I paid Yura and three off-duty firemen to help with the slate on my Gabriels.
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    What happen to Pan Xiaoting?

    Yeah if you look on YouTube you can see Ga Young Kim actively playing in the Korean LPBA for 3 cushion, the same league Caudron is active in.
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    Teaching my Grandchildren

    If he has kids playing ... that's a win ...
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    Teaching my Grandchildren

    That's awesome
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    A Conversation with Frederic Caudron

    Everyone has their favorite player, and mine has always been Sang Lee. But who could say that Caudron isn't the best all-around player of all the games in history?