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    predator LE4

    looking for a predator roadline LE4 with a Vantage shaft. Please PM offers and include both price and condition. need to buy one this week for my wife's birthday
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    McDermott Break Cue

    McDermott break cue on eBay ends tomorrow with no reserve. McDermott break cue
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    Shawn Putnam Cue NO RESERVE

    I have listed a Shawn Putnam on ebay with no reserve here is the link. Shawn Putnam Cue
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    wtb predator se 12 or se 27

    Looking for a predator model SE12 or SE27 anyone got one in good condition for sale? PM me with responses . I also have cues for trade if you are interested in trading let me know.
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    predator blak butterfly 4x8 .

    looking to trade two sterling wave 4x8 cases for one predator blak butterfly 4x8. The sterling cases are in decent used shape but not new. one is a brown and tan the other is a red and black. They are great cases just don't have room for the predator air2 jump cue I bought recently. TRADE...
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    FS/T Haris and Putnam possible two for one

    I have a Robert Harris cue and A Shawn Putnam cue both of which are listed for sale on the forum. I would be interested in trading both for one bigger cue. I Have them both listed in other threads which I will not be bumping any longer due to the fact that I have started this thread. I will...
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    Darrin HIll wrapless coco and maple @@ 3 shafts @@

    sold please remove
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    what is this Darrin Hill cue worth?

    I have a Darrin Hill cue that I will be posting for sale in the near future and would like to get an idea of the value of the cue. It is dinged up a little from the previous owner being a hot head but nothing major. There are three shafts with the cue which all have matching rings. Not sure...
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    Bouska Jump/break cue

    the cue sold on ebay
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    need help with price on Robert Harris cue

    awesome Robert Harris Ebony on Ebony The cue is ebony on ebony with four points and four veneers(natural, green, blue, natural). There are tons of inlays in the butt sleeve, Propellers, diamonds and silver dots and lines. I do not think that any of the white is ivory. also the ring work is very...
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    Awesome Shawn Putnam cue for sale

    Shawn Putnam cue with five LONG ebony points into Bloodwood. I bought the cue from Shawn in April of this year and absolutely love it, however it is time for something different and I need to sell it to finance that. When I bought it, I was told White inlays are Mammoth Ivory. There are 15 of...
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    Instroke 2x4 cowboy series case

    I have an instroke 2x4 cowboy series in black and brown for sale. The case is in like new condition with absolutely no damage. I am asking $225 shipped to CONUS. I only take paypal and I will pay the fees, so no worries there. The case is also listed on ebay for anyone wanting to bid on it...
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    wtb: poison dedicated break cue

    Sold and i bought one.
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    wtt instroke 2x4 black and brown for bigger or buffalo

    wtt instroke 2x4 black and brown case plus cash for a 3x5 or 3x7 buffalo. Like the title says, I have an older instroke 2x4 black and brown case that I would like to trade for either a bigger instroke case or a buffalo 2x4. I will of course add a small amount of cash to sweeten the deal...
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    help with cue ID please

    Hi everyone, I have been reading the forum for a while and I have a question about a cue that I bought today. I bought it just to get the case, it was in an instroke case that I wanted and got for a decent price. The cue says Rich Q in gold letters on the butt and appears to be coco. I would...