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    30” Radial Rogue, Jacoby or Ignite carbon fiber

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    I have a radial I’ll give you for $300, you can have converted to 3/8x10
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    Sold Lambros alert!!

    Yes. Please text or call 973.303.2210
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    ***SOLD*** Up for sale is the most STUNNING HOPPE BOX CUE I have ever seen. Scott Gracio IV*RY “GAMBLER THEME” Box Cue. This BEAUTY came out of the ESTEEMED WILL PROUT’S HIGH END Cue Collection. Will is known to have The “Who’s Who” of FANCY Collectible BOX Cues and this STUNNER here is...
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    Sold Lambros alert!!

    Please send me your number to text or email address.
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    Sold Lambros alert!!

    One last trip around the board, big price drop, somebody must have cash in hand at this price point?!?
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    Josey sneaky

    I have a Purple Heart sneaky in mint condition. Please text me 973.303.2210
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    Sold Lambros alert!!

    Make an offer, cash plus cue or all cash, never know!!
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    Sold Lambros alert!!

    Up for sale is a highly sought after Mike Lambros cue. Mikes cues are pretty difficult to find second hand because everybody likes to hold onto them. The ML features four long beautiful points, ebony veneers, birdseye maple forearm, linen wrap, ultra 2 radial pin and stitched rings at all...
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    Sold Like new Mezz cue

    Trades? Please text me 973.303.2210
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    Manzino-Lambros-Macdaniel cues for sale

    Says email address not found. Please email or call me or 973.303.2210
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    Sold Richard Hsu Titleist Conversion and Samsara Butt

    SOLD Hi guys Pics coming, I don’t know!! Richard Hsu Titleist Conversion. Two shafts - both with Dennis Searing Precision tips Two shafts with Dennis Searing Precision tips Shaft 1 - 3.6 oz and 13.04 mm Shaft 2 - 3.3 oz and 13.01 mm Butt - 15.3 oz Radial joint...
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    Sold Pete Omen beauty

    29/29 for a 58” cue my friend Please Send me a phone number and I will text better pics
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    Sold Pete Omen beauty

    I would have to look into the cost. The freight might cost more than the damn cue LOL.