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    Aramith Black Billiard balls

    Last night I finally got to play using these hideous balls. The moron who designed them and the jackass who approved them should have been fired for impersonating a billiard ball company.
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    EU Sanctions and the Mosconi Cup

    Let any russian athlete request asylum anywhere and renounce his citizenship, ONLY THEN can they be allowed to play. Otherwise до свидания.
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    $4,000 New RC3 or Tonkin

    If your going to actually play with it I would think the value would go down each time u ding it.
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    Efren live action match now on Youtube

    Cant believe shes putting crap on the table so close to the balls. And he was shooting the 3 unless he called the 6, which he didn't.
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    Eagle Eye Takes Aim at 14.1 High Runs

    Sounds as boring as a race to 100. YMMV
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    Jeremy Jones taking over for Earl on team

    Gray cloth Ugly balls No Earl.... ....I'm gonna watch paint dry instead of the Mosconi cup. This has ALL become bullshit because if Earl has practiced with the team all weak and they are not subjected to the same draconian nonsense, then you know its not about protecting people, it's about...
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    Gray Cloth at the Mosconi Cup

    If he wins he will say he loves it. If he loses he will say it caused it. I hate the balls and the cloth. UGLY
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    bj ussery

    You lost me at bar box.
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    I see the hall of fame thread, but how about a hall of shame?

    Here are the cliff notes to the OP's story:
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    Tell us about your "cue journey"

    I bought my first cue 29 years ago. Well lets say i paid for it and im still on the waiting list for a very famous cue maker. I may have to change it from 19.5oz to 18oz because i now have arthritis. I tried paging tbe cuemaker but he never gets back to me. Perhaps he lost his pager. He doesnt...
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    People bitching about 7’ tables

    I have no interest in playing miniature pool. And I certainly dont want to watch someone with a +700 fargo rating playing miniature pool. Thats just me.
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    Questions for Efren Reyes & Buddy Hall

    He will stop playing about a week after he passes.
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    Greatest Final Decider Rack - Niels Feijen

    Niels could sink 8 balls on the break and have a 2 foot straight in shot on the 9 and it would still be a 15 minute rack. That being said, that was some nice shooting in between his pacing around.
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    Surfing in Olympics, new sport this year

    The IOC has said they want to urbanize the olympics. Breakdancing is in and wrestling will be gone. Fuk them.